The popularity of emulators on iPhone is a warning to Nintendo and Sony

While emulators are already on the iPhone App Store, Nintendo or Sony are missing this opportunity

The popularity of emulators should make Nintendo or Sony react

Apple’s important decision regarding emulators That’s great for users who can now download emulators for the iPhone from the App Store, but it’s also a warning for some video game companies. Emulators have been at the top of the App Store download list since their launch, and it looks like retro games are back in style.

It is true that emulators have always been allowed on Android, but More than 1 billion active iPhones now available for download in the world In a really simple way. And that means millions of people.

Will Nintendo or Sony do anything against emulators?

Legacy console emulators have always lived in a sort of limbo. They are legal in most places around the world as long as their developments do not infringe the intellectual property of the consoles they emulate. But downloading games is another thing.

To play games on emulator We need to create a copy of our own game to run itIf we want to do it legally. However, this is something very few users do. Either because they didn’t know how to do it or because they were such old games they never played or played them. That’s why they download them from the internet.

There is no doubt The most popular retro consoles are from Nintendo or Sony, so we have Game Boy and NDS emulators like Delta, RetroArch which also emulate Nintendo 64, NES, SNES and Sony PlayStation or Sony PSP PPSSPP emulator. These are the games everyone wants to play.

Several iPhones with some emulators

We have several emulators on the App Store and they are successful

Neither Nintendo nor Sony commented about the arrival of these emulators on the App Store in recent weeks. There is little they can do to ban them.. There’s only one thing I can think of, and it might be a real missed opportunity.

Nintendo and Sony should release their own “emulators” for iPhone

Smartphones have become true portable consoles, so it would make a lot of sense for major video game companies to offer these products. An application where you can play your classic consoles. There are plenty of options, from charging a small amount for each game to a monthly subscription that gives you access to a console’s entire catalogue.

Actually, This is something Nintendo already does; for example, it allows you to play its classic consoles from Nintendo Switch.. This can be done through a monthly or annual subscription, which also allows you to play online. If Nintendo released something similar for smartphones, I have no doubt that it would be a real success. It will even encourage many users to buy their new consoles. He tried to release his own games like Super Mario Run but didn’t take it seriously.

Even though this is just a dream for now The arrival of emulators may change your mind to these video game giants. Its popularity showed that there was a huge demand and there are many users who want to play these classic games and have them with them always on their iPhone. In addition, this way, illegal downloading of games will be prevented.

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