Record videos on your iPhone like a pro, thanks to the new Apple app Final Cut Camera

Apple recently released the Final Cut Camera app, with which you can record professional videos from your iPhone

Record videos on your iPhone like a pro, thanks to the new Apple app Final Cut Camera
Apple Final Cut Camera app now available

When Apple announced the new iPad Air (M2) and iPad Pro (M4) last month, the company also revealed the following: It was going to release a new iPhone app called Final Cut Camera. A. professional video recording application This allows you to adjust many more parameters than the default iPhone app.

The app has already arrived on the App Store and can be downloaded to the iPhone completely free of charge. When the app was first introduced it seemed like a complementary tool to control the iPhone camera from the iPad, but the truth is that it also Available as a standalone app on iPhone.

Final Cut Camera puts you in the director’s chair with intuitive professional controls for all your video productions. Seamlessly launch a multi-camera session by connecting up to four devices running Final Cut Camera to preview, save and sync video angles in Final Cut Pro for iPad.

Shoot with powerful settings like shutter speed, ISO, white balance and manual focus. Easily customize resolution, frame rate, color space and more. Quickly view your video with focus peaking and overexposure indicators. Capture the perfect shot for your professional videos with Final Cut Camera.

What does Final Cut Camera offer?

Final Cut Camera is a professional video recording application and change lots of parametersIn addition to offering a series controls similar to those of a professional camera. The app requires an iPhone running iOS 17.4 or later; but for some features like ProRes and Log color coding, you’ll need an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, others that require a Final Cut Pro subscription for iPad, or an iPhone 15 Pro Max. indicators Peak focus and overexposure require iPhone or iPad models with A13 Bionic chip.

Some of the key features Final Cut Camera include:

  • Easily record at a variety of resolutions, frame rates and codecs, including ProRes and Log* color coding
  • Adjust your exposure with ISO and shutter speed controls
  • Adjust your white balance or adjust your color temperature with common presets
  • Pull focus to follow action and keep objects in focus
  • Zoom precisely to highlight the most important elements of the video
  • Lock orientation to ensure your framing is consistent regardless of device position
  • Reduce shake and movement while shooting by enabling stabilization
  • Preview, record and sync up to four devices with Live Multicam in Final Cut Pro for iPad
  • Save videos to Files or save them to a connected external storage device.

This is a camera app designed to work with Final Cut Pro, but Any user with a compatible iPhone can use it To better control your records. Apple has long been criticized for not offering more professional controls on the iPhone camera, a problem that has been partially resolved with this app.

Of course, it is an application for recording video, so You won’t be able to take photos from it.. To use professional controls when taking photos, we will still have to resort to one of the available camera applications for the iPhone.

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