It is reported that already tomorrow, December 30, the Federal Air Transport Agency issued a conclusion on the certification of the first Russian unmanned heavy-class helicopter called BAS-200. At the same time, despite the fact that the drone was developed for commercial operation (in particular, by Russian Post), it is not yet possible to deliver goods with its help.

The fact is that the BAS-200 certification program is currently only 10% fulfilled, out of the required 200 hours of test flights, only 10 have been completed, and the total flight time of all BAS-200s produced does not exceed 50 hours. Therefore, the document that will be issued tomorrow will be “symbolic” – in the form of a certificate of a limited category.


That is, with the help of the autonomous BAS-200, it is allowed to engage only in aerial photography, checking ground objects, forest control and other narrowly focused aviation work that is not involved in the transportation of goods.

In addition, certification is seriously complicated by the fact that the BAS-200 accepts a fairly large number of foreign-made parts and elements, including the engine itself, whose resources do not exceed 100 hours – in the end, the requirements of the Federal Air Transport Agency for 200 hours are simply signed impossible.

Source: Tech Cult

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