This week, Tecnoglass COO, Christian Daes, said: He met 350 collaborators at a gala that allowed him to send inspiring messages, meet the children of the oldest collaborators, and remember the beginnings of this business giant from Barranquilla.It bills about $700 million a year today in high-end architectural products installed in the most important buildings in the United States.

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The first to receive a fellowship at the gala was Kelly Meza, the daughter of Arturo Meza, a leading medical oncologist and one of the oldest members of this brand, who has a very low employee turnover. They say that employees at Tecnoglass in Barranquilla know when they enter the payroll, but not when they leave.

The meeting was held through a discussion attended by entrepreneur and digital entrepreneur Jorge Quiroga, who has founded companies that create employment and development in Colombia such as Tecnoglass.

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scholarship program administered byTecnoglass Foundation supported more than 6,000 studentsrelatives of employees who, due to their economic situation and good academic performance, are able to study at university and in their chosen career in the country.

The foundation’s director, Cristiana Posada, confirms that the basic requirements for access to the program are: to have an average of above 4, not to fall below that throughout the career, and to be an admirable, disciplined student and role model.

Accountants, business managers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, lawyers, communicators, and architects have all gone through the fellowship program.

Christian Daes says the scholarship program is one of the company’s greatest prides because it has allowed many young people to break the spiral of disappointment. Those who finished their secondary education with admirable grades, but often failed to attend a university to pursue a career that would allow them to have a future.

“This is a real revolution of making sure everything stays here. Even the clothes we take from this world, we will go with nothing. “Amid the applause of the hundreds of beneficiaries who attended the gala held at a hotel in Barranquilla, Daes must be remembered for what we do, not what we have.”


Source: Exame

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