With regard to the production and sale of mobile phones enacted in Latin America, one of the new players in the region is the Chinese multinational Oppo, which was presented with great fanfare. The Reno 7 series at a ceremony in Mexico City.

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It made little entry into the Mexican market two years ago, serving as a platform for the entire region, and just then managed to get itself the third part of the sales pie and is already positioned as one of the leading brands in the market. technology zone.

During the launch ceremony of the new device, EL TIEMPO Eduardo Morones, Vice President of Latin America of the Asian company, spoke about the brand’s investments, goals and presence in the region..

What was the experience of coming to Mexico like?
“We set ourselves a very aggressive target to be number one in Latin America. In these two years we have managed to consolidate ourselves in the top 5 of the region and we are third in Mexico. Here we have made a big investment in the country, a bet that serves as a platform for us to enter a few South American countries like Chile, Peru and Colombia where we aim to be the number one brand without a doubt. in about three years.. We are now third in the Mexican market and we want more.

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What was Oppo’s strategy to conquer the Mexican market?
We believe it is key to understand what our consumers want, what they identify with, what drives them. That’s why we brought the AI ​​Portrait Expert Reno Series as we know that users love to capture memorable moments and thus express their personality. Each tends to capture their essence like a film director or photographer, each user has their personal stamp and they can achieve that with the Reno Series. Perhaps this is one of the virtues that makes a big difference.
The truth is, Oppo’s history in Latin America is very recent since we entered the market in 2020. However, we didn’t set lofty goals: we want to be the best-selling smartphone company in Mexico and then repeat that. Colombian markets. , Peru and Chile. We want to exist in Central American countries as well. This year we also aim to increase our participation in the Latin American market (with presences in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Guatemala) and in the near future Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

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How many countries do they have presence in?
We are currently in 60 countries and are in the top three in sales in these markets. Growth in Europe and several Asian countries has been encouraging.

What challenges has the pandemic brought you and how have you responded to this health emergency?
The pandemic has fundamentally changed our lives and caused a significant increase in online shopping. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Oppo has continued to build its online channels to give consumers more choices when it comes to purchasing our products. We have completed the first phase of our e-commerce capabilities and are continually strengthening our operational expertise. Even in the health emergency, the company has not stopped growing in the region. We often choose more than one provider to ensure distribution stability.

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Why was Colombian Maluma named ambassador for the Reno Series?
It is very important for the company to choose an ambassador whom the Mexican and Latin American people love as much as Maluma; Because our brand Maluma and Latin America have a lot in common, it’s easy to understand our focus on youth, unique colours, music and incredible moments. It also became part of the inspiration that defined us.

What are your sales expectations for the Reno 7?
They are very high compared to our previous experience with the launch of different products. We’ve focused our bet on the range of mobile phones in the $400 to $600 segment. This will give us the opportunity to consolidate ourselves and coincidentally achieve these goals, being over 50 percent in Mexico. in other Latin American countries. Like Colombia and Peru. We have a challenge that I have no doubt we can achieve in a reasonable time.

One of the sensitive issues concerns the environment. What commitment does the company make in this regard?
By adopting greener packaging design, we have strived to protect the environment by promoting lightweight, reusable, recyclable and degradable packaging. About 45 percent of packaging materials are made from recycled waste paper or recycled fibers made from plants such as sugarcane and bamboo, and the use of plastic in packaging has decreased by 95% compared to 2019. For materials that cannot be replaced for now, Oppo has replaced plastics. has chosen to use the biodegradable polylactic acid material.

Last year in Australia, the company donated more than US$52,000 to help the Reef Restoration Foundation (RRF) achieve its mission to produce 1,000,000 corals in the Great Barrier Reef by 2026. And we have set up a recycling system that offers replacement services locally. and international markets to promote recycling and reuse of used phones. More than 1.2 million phones have been recycled using this scheme in China, which amounts to more than 216 tons of electronic waste.


Pablo Tapia, CMO, marketing director (for English abbreviation chief marketing officer) of Oppo Mexico, explained that the ‘Inspire Future’ brand proposal is an initiative that reflects its stance of being a global technology company in search. to make the world a better place with its products.

The success already experienced with the presentation of this new phone and the entire Reno series is that they are well-balanced and have the added value of mastering portraiture.Tapia, an industrial engineer from Universidad Panamericana who specializes in International Marketing, has a unique experience for the user, as well as a modern and practical design and significant energy savings” added.

Another highlight of the Tapida del Reno 7 is that it is one of the first smartphones to have a “count and enjoy” feature. ColorOS 12’s new features, including immersive entertainment and the ability to work more efficiently, provide the user with an opportunity to enjoy enjoyable and better experiences.”.

Regarding Colombia in particular, Luis García, the company’s vice president of Colombia, explained that sales in the country represent about 10 percent of the Latin American market.

“Our goal is to be among the top five brands in Colombia; We have to be very strong in the segments where we start and build customer trust. Despite arriving in the country in 2021 and the launch of the Reno 7, we have undoubtedly grown significantly, It will enable us to offer the consumer new alternatives that are very different from those currently on the market. “We are entering a mid-high segment that is very competitive in the country, but we have excellent phones to meet our reach, penetration and sales targets.”

Source: Exame

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