Nokia has announced three new phones as alternatives to smart devices and brought back classics like the Nokia 8210. It was launched in 1999, but now with 4G technology. It also aims to expand its market in base phones worth $1,000 million by 2022.

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With this release, HMD Global aims to build on Nokia’s legacy of durability and battery life, including the new Nokia T10. A rugged 8-inch tablet for kids that can become an extension of the PC screen or with Google Kids Space content.

“Nokia’s classic heritage meets innovation in our entry-level phone portfolio. This iconic series is gaining momentum as a reliable companion for all your communication needs.. “We’ve also brought our well-known longevity promises to the tablet market,” said Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global.

The Nokia T10 tablet features a one-piece polymer design with a nano-textured coating that hides scratches, two years of operating system updates and Android 12 software with three years of monthly security updates.

Also includes Google Entertainment Space and Google Kids Space for kids and adults, and Nokia Flip Cover is available in dark blue or turquoise.

The Nokia 8210 4G is a member of the “Originals” family, celebrating the iconic Nokia 8210 that was released during Paris Fashion Week in 1999. It is inspired by the classic entry-level phone, but has 4G and VoLTE capability, a large 2.8-inch display and an intuitive user interface. It also has weeks of battery life in sleep mode.

XpressAudio is back, the Nokia 5710 takes what people love about the Nokia 5310 and makes it better with a bigger battery, dedicated keys for volume control, and built-in wireless earbuds. When not in use, the earphones stay under the cover on the back of the phone. always knowing where they are and charging them.

With its functional folding design, the Nokia 2660 Flip makes it easy to manage calls. It includes advanced accessibility features, a large screen, hearing aid compatibility, battery life, and large buttons that provide the best experience for those who need it most.
It also has a special button for emergencies. In the event of an unexpected event, five people receive a notification to send help.

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