These 133 apps in the App Store are scams: delete them from your iPhone

These apps will not steal your data, but they will try to empty your wallet. If you have any installed, delete it as soon as possible.

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Fake apps are a real problem and can deceive users for millions of dollars. Such apps do not contain malware or anything that could endanger your data, but they are It is designed so that you almost unwittingly subscribe and do not provide you with any service. worth it in return.

Analysts reported 133 scam apps in the Apple App Store84 iOS apps continue to defraud users to the point of generating $103.2 million so far this year.

iPhone malware

These apps will try to scam you, be careful and delete them ASAP

This type of malware is known as polar software. Apps that use tactics to entice users to pay for more than an app is worth. These apps have hundreds of fake comments convincing users that they are really working and full empty subscriptions that don’t contribute anythingWe find everything from photo editors to daily horoscopes.

Full list of fake apps for iPhone

List of apps VPNcheck founder Dr. Shared by Frederik Lipfert. It is assumed that Over 60% still available on the App Store, but worst of all, if you installed it then you might be in trouble anyway. This is the full list:

  • Filterra – Photo Editor
  • Frames – Picture Collage Maker
  • Facelab – Face Editor and Beauty
  • TeasEar: ASMR Slime Antistress
  • StoryChic – IG Story Templates
  • Photo Splash – photo editor
  • Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology
  • Sweet Selfie: Photo Editor, Camera
  • Astroline: Daily Horoscope
  • FLMX – Video Editor
  • Stickerfy: Sticker Maker
  • Pixomatic – Background eraser
  • SpeedPro Slow speed video editing
  • Fortunescope: Palm Reader
  • Music Zen – Relaxing Sounds
  • Sticker Maker – BeSticky
  • Picsjoy: Photo Editor & Cutout
  • Sketch To Sketch – Drawing book
  • FXMaster
  • “Mood Balance: Diary, Audience”
  • Presets for Lightroom – Vidl
  • Puzzle – Brain Teasers
  • Uninstall: Story Maker
  • Dazzle – Insta stories editor
  • Baby Sticker – Track Milestones
  • Life Palmistry – AI Palm and Label
  • Girl Games and Fun Cooking Games
  • Remove Object and Editor with Photo
  • Facetory: Face Yoga and Exercise
  • VOCHI Awesome Video Effects Maker
  • Lucky Life – Seeing the Future
  • Voice Changer – Avatar
  • Face-Seeing-Traces of Time
  • Dazz Cam- D3D Photo Effect
  • Translator-AI and Real-time
  • Picsloop-Cartoon & D3D Effect
  • Music Video Maker
  • Funny Clip Maker
  • Pixel – Color by Number
  • Cartoon Photo Editor-Comic Book Art
  • “Youni – Photo Effects, Presets”
  • UltraFX – Effects Video Maker
  • Girl Games: Unicorn Slime
  • Everbloom – Story Editor
  • Tag – Insta Story Editor
  • PDF Scanner: Scan Documents
  • Zodiac Astrology and Horoscope
  • – Music Video Maker
  • Dizzi – Photo and Video Effects
  • TikCut – Tempo MV Video Editor
  • Hyper Cleaner: Clean Phone
  • Photic – Picture & Photo Editor
  • Highlight Story Cover Maker!
  • Cartoonify Photo Editor Camera
  • PicMagic – Cartoon Photo Editor
  • Cartoons Me – Photo Art Editor
  • Videos – Music Video Maker
  • Camera+: Photo Video and Cut
  • Piconic – Photo Editor & Collage
  • Sweet Pictures – Baby Photo Editor
  • FX Mage – Magic Video Effects
  • Slimy: Anxiety Relief Slime 3D
  • Frame – Slideshow Video Maker
  • Auto Sticker Maker Studio
  • iCons – Icon Changer App +
  • ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor
  • MagicFX – Magic Video Effects
  • Horoscope 2019 and Palm Reader
  • PolyColor – Coloring with Polygon
  • Celebrity: Celebrities Look Alike
  • BoomArt – Auto Cut
  • Slime Boutique by TeasEar
  • Handset – Second Phone Number
  • Pixpic Color By Number
  • SlidePic – Slideshow Maker
  • Widja – Photo Widgets
  • Astro+ Horoscope and Astrology
  • FaceMe-Fun Personality Quizzes
  • Oil Painting with Watercolor Effect
  • Widget PLUS+ – Photo & Weather
  • Wordy – Word Search Adventure
  • KeyTune – Custom keyboard
  • aipic – Magic Photo Editor
  • PicsFX:Photo & Video Editor
  • Path – Horoscope and Astrology
  • Magic Makeup – Tattoo Design
  • tmm – Chat Fiction Stories
  • Photo Collage – Collageable
  • Followers+-Ins My Reports
  • Center – Story Template Generator
  • iWidget Pro : Custom widgets
  • VidTempo – Music Video Maker
  • Video Puzzles – Magic Puzzle
  • Funny Face Change Me – GIF Maker
  • Body Editor: Masculine Body and Hair
  • Flame: Smart Online App
  • Menu Builder!
  • Fortunescan: Palmistry Online
  • Video Maker – Photo Effects
  • edjing Mix – dj app
  • “Guitar – Chords, Tabs and Games”
  • Piano – Lessons and Tiles Games
  • Beat Maker Go – Make Music
  • “WeDrum: Drums, Real Drum Games”
  • Metronome – Tap Tempo and Rhythm
  • Guitar Tuner – Ukulele and Bass
  • Guitar – real games and lessons
  • Drums: Play Beats and Drum Games
  • Piano – Music and keyboard game
  • “Guitar Tuner Pro, Bass, Ukulele”
  • Beat maker pro – DJ Drum Pad
  • Karaoke Songs – Singing with Audio
  • Piano Crush – Keyboard Games
  • edjing Pro – music remix maker
  • DJ it! – Music Mixer Pad
  • Jambl: DJ Band & Beat Maker
  • Playing Guitar – Games and Songs
  • “Memorist: Brain Test, IQ Game”
  • Loop Maker Pro – Music Maker
  • Metronome Pro – Beat and Tempo
  • Equalizer+ HD music player
  • Bass Booster Audio Power Amplifier
  • Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App
  • ScanGuru: PDF Document Scanner
  • Drink Water ∙ Daily Reminder
  • Password Manager – Lock Apps
  • Live Wallpaper Maker: 4K Theme
  • COLLECT: Color by Number
  • Avatar Creator Character Creator
  • Translator Guru: Voice and Text
  • HD Ringtones ∙ Ringtone Maker
  • Scanner App ∙ Scan & Sign PDF
  • Flip Camera – Speak Clearly

Many of these app names and even icons are designed to look like other more popular apps that are not fraudulent. Please note that the names may vary slightly depending on the country, so also try to avoid apps with bad translations.

If you think you have been scammed by any of these apps or any other, Contact Apple Support. Note that you can easily manage all your app subscriptions from iPhone and quickly unsubscribe to any service.

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