Nigel Malt, from Norfolk, England, crushed his 19-year-old daughter, Lauren, according to eyewitnesses. an episode where he is “consumed in anger”, on January 23 this year. The judge recently found him guilty of murder.

The young woman lived in a house with her brothers and mother, who had long separated from 44-year-old Malt, who actually managed to put the man in jail after physically assaulting her. However, Malt managed to release himself on bail.

According to research, Malt ran over his daughter once and then drove the car over her body again. “After he knocked him down, he threw his car on him. He stopped and then drove the car forward again,” said Andrew Jackson, the prosecutor in the Norwich Court case.

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The man decided to take Lauren to the hospital after committing the crime, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The study of the wounds on the young woman’s body, indeed, He died from physical trauma to his body, “run over” by his father’s car.

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Malt was a violent man, which was one of the reasons Lauren’s mother left, the young woman’s family reported.

In fact, on the day of the murder, the man had called his former partner Karen Malt’s home more than 15 times without getting a response.

It can be inferred from the phone records that only the last call was answered by Lauren, possibly and Malt went to that house after that.

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Upon arrival, he began a fight with the woman’s current partner, whom he threatened with a crowbar. However, when he couldn’t take his anger out on his ex-wife’s new partner, he drove the car over his daughter.

Because, Norwich Court judge found him guilty of murdering Lauren Malt, but sentence is still pending.

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