Experts have warned of the possibility of a strong solar storm affecting Earth for several days starting on July 19. According to NASA, this could cause interruptions to the planet’s communication signal.

This “direct hit” will consist of a “snake-shaped filament” from the sun, as NASA catalogs it, causing sunspots on the disk aimed at Earth’s atmospheric space.

It is worth noting that This wouldn’t be the first time. On July 3, there was a temporary interruption of radio waves in the Atlantic due to a solar storm.

Also, according to experts, there have been radio outages produced by a large flare from the Sun since last July 15. Such storms emit radiation in certain directions and affect GPS signals.

Another consequence of solar storms is the northern lights, which usually occur at Earth’s poles and can now be seen closer to the equator.

However, experts point out that these northern lights can also affect telecommunications systems such as satellites orbiting the planet.

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Source: Exame

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