FlatTV, Flamengo’s official YouTube channel, Since this Monday morning (25) he has been broadcasting a fake live stream. billionaire Elon MuskOwner of Tesla and SpaceX.

The channel, which has more than 6.52 million subscribers, appears to have been hacked, showing a recording of a real discussion. but from last yearBetween Musk, CEO and founder of Ark Investment, and Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter.

As in June of this year—when FlaTV began showing the livestream of MicroStrategy CEO Miachel Saylor—the attackers chose global personalities to grab the audience’s attention.

Streams are cryptocurrency scams

Source: FlatTV/YouTube/Reproduction.

Transmission, of course, a blowBesides mentioning that Elon Musk will buy $10 billion in Bitcoin and Ethereum (when Tesla makes $936 million from cryptocurrency reserves), it still offers a “promotion” for viewers: up to 500 ETH for every 1 ETH contributed. when sent to an address, one gets double back in cryptocurrencies. The same happens between 0.1 BTC and 50 BTC.

Even as cryptocurrencies are on the decline (ETH is priced at R$8,500 today and BTC is priced at R$121,000 today), the Rubro-Negra Nation seems not to be excited as the stream rarely reaches more than a hundred viewers despite over 2,600 likes. .

Currently, the FlatTV channel continues to feature another livestream by Elon Musk from the end of April this year – also on the topic of bitcoins. Meanwhile, Flamengo fans are taking their anger out on Twitter, as they call the station to check out Pedro’s goals in Sunday’s 24 wins against Avaí.

Source: Tec Mundo

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