This is Netflix’s new tactic to keep gaining subscribers without paying Apple’s fees.

Netflix beat Apple One!

This is Netflix's new tactic to keep gaining subscribers without paying Apple's fees.
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Netflix isn’t in the best shape, but the loss of subscribers has forced the streaming giant to choose new strategies to increase its revenue and others like the latest to ensure that every single revenue is generated by subscriptions. Like this, Netflix has implemented an option in its iOS app for new users to complete the subscription process on the website..

Measurement Take advantage of the App Store policy changesince the beginning of this year allows “reader” applications to provide external links so customers can sign in and pay for the subscription from outside the App Store.

apple defines reader applications, such as digital content providers such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music or video as the main function the app

Netflix saves App Store commission

update now available for all iPhone and iPad usersconsists of a button that, when pressed, displays the message “you are about to exit the application and go to an external website”. And of course, he once warned that the application on the Netflix platform is no longer Apple’s responsibility.

This is Netflix's new tactic to keep gaining subscribers without paying Apple's fees.

Apple warns the user of the consequences of purchasing outside the App Store

Same way, Apple reiterates that by selecting this option, the user will not be able to use the stored payment methods and related functions.Like managing subscriptions and refund requests from the App Store.

And it will be on the Netflix site, where you need to enter your personal data, choose a payment method and subscribe to a plan. While there are a few extra steps for Netflix for the user, it means saving the 30% commission charged by the App Store. It is reduced to 15% for each subscription made and for recurring subscriptions after one year.

Finally, Netflix is ​​”free” to make this move. In 2018, the company released an update to its iOS app that removed the option to allow users to subscribe to Netflix. directly from the official app for iPhone and iPad. of course Apple tried to blockbut finally, and after several lawsuits, the company had to succumb to several applications.

And it fell like a glove for Netflix.

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