Victor Manuel Munoz prepares the submission of his position as dPresidential administrative director. At the beginning of Dapre, he was one of the managers in the negotiations on the vaccine against covid-19, but at the same time he was the ‘control tower’ of the Presidency,

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The official evaluated Dapre’s leadership, talked about his closeness to President Duque and what will happen in the future.

What is the balance of these 4 years?
Positive, we have fulfilled 90% of the campaign promises and so far 81% of the National Development Plan, which will reach 85% by the end of the year. We also fulfilled 92% of regional commitments. He kept his word.

Major legacies left by President Duque to the country?
Mass vaccination against Covid-19 greater than 85% in the first dose, more than 75% in the second dose and more than 40% in boosters. We consolidate the Energy Transformation, which grows with energy auctions, 100 times the energy matrix obtained from wind and solar energy. We lead discussions on AI in digital transformation and its adoption in the region. Support for immigrants through temporary status: 1.1 million of the 1.8 million documents were delivered in the process. Protecting the environment through planting trees and protecting ecosystems. We have provided free university enrollment to more than 700,000 vulnerable young people on social issues and today more than 3 million benefit from Solidarity Income and VAT Refunds.

What does it mean for the President to be the control tower of the National Government?
The Presidency plays an articulating role between institutions and ministries, in the strict and daily monitoring of the fulfillment of the objectives and commitments of the sectors, hence it is called the “control tower” because all advanced information and decision making passes through this place and to resolve the differences between the ministers or organizations It’s the usual place to go.

You were recognized as a technologist, but had to lead the implementation of various topics from the Presidency?
I have always worked hand-in-hand with technology, with the numbers and dashboards necessary to move forward on issues like mass vaccination, economic revitalization, and the rebuilding of Providencia.

The hardest moments of these 4 years?
They are several. The moment when the epidemic was declared was perhaps the most difficult. In one of humanity’s most difficult times, it was very difficult to enter the global competition for ventilators, vaccines and medical supplies. Irrational unemployment in 2021 that cost lives, affects cities, affects employment and kills companies. Death of Santander General School students after the ELN attack. Hurricane IOTA is the first category 5 hurricane to hit our country, and specifically Providencia and Santa Catalina.

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Disappointment of this 4 years of work?
In some organizations, bureaucracy is irrational positions that do not allow progress because they are masked in technical and legal concepts that seek to maintain the status quo and oppose any progress or transformation plan.

Was he the strongest man in President Iván Duque’s team?

I was a member of a working team under the leadership of our President, we formed a brotherhood with the members of the cabinet, day by day it was clear that we were racing against time. government goals.

Would you like the presidential figure to be re-elected?
I don’t like re-elections, I think they create institutional imbalance, not countries have strong institutions, accountable leaders and messianic leader models.

Have you been told that you are a strict, often quick-tempered person with few words?
I love the realization of results, I don’t like the car, I love seeing numbers, progress, facts and data, for many it’s synonymous with moodiness, for me it’s synonymous with objectivity.

Who is Ivan Duque for you?
Iván Duque is a hardworking and analytical person who prepared himself to become president at a very young age. A president who lovingly rules his country every day, prioritizes the welfare of all Colombians in every decision he takes, and above all works in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

Would you work in another government again? What will you do after August 7?
I don’t plan to be in the public sector in the future, but every day has its own desire, for now I will devote myself to what I love doing most: creating, designing and developing technology-based solutions to solve the day. -everyday problems people.

Was President Iván Duque’s government inclusive?
I’ll answer you with the facts: it was the first government in history to have a woman in the vice presidency and a Joint Cabinet. It has empowered women with more than 50% in Presidential Councils and senior roles in key management positions. There were clearly members of the LTGBI in the Cabinet, and it was the Government that had the most Afro-Colombian ministers in its Cabinet.

How would you describe the government of Iván Duque in one sentence?
The promise of flexibility, transparency and work from and for regions.

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Source: Exame

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