Few of us could have imagined that a completely unknown game would capture the attention of the entire industry in early 2024. Palmyre became a phenomenon on Steam and Xbox, largely due to its obvious relationship with Pokemon.

And if these similarities weren’t enough, Maud which was released just a few hours ago, is responsible for introducing the most iconic characters Pokemon V ‌Pulworld. Ash Ketchum becomes your character, and the creatures take on the appearance of familiar pocket monsters. The above is of course turned on the Nintendo alarm clock.

We know that when it comes to copyright issues that affect you, Nintendo won’t give up until they track down the infringers. With mod Pokemon For Palmyre was no exception.

The residents of Kyoto, as usual, moved their lawyers. Not only for ban pokemon mod for Palmyre remained availablebut also block videos showing his work.

It is not yet known exactly who is responsible for developing the mod, but it is clear that youtuber ToastedShoes was the first to suggest a look at it via X (Twitter). To his “surprise,” the material was published. “This media was disabled in response to a claim from the copyright holder,” Elon Musk’s social network reports.

For now, it appears that Nintendo’s hunt has not yet extended to YouTube, where ToastedShoes itself and other content creators have already posted their Nintendo fashion videos. Palmyre.

“The first modpack for Palmyre is now available and is the version that turns everything into Pokemon. Everything from the playable character Ash and his friends Brock and Misty to all the Pokémon that inhabit the world.”

Toasted shoes.

Will Nintendo stand up to those responsible for Palmyre?

So it’s obvious that Nintendo closely monitors everything that happens around them Palmyre. Their efforts are apparently aimed at removing the mod from the Internet, a task that currently seems impossible. It will be interesting to see later whether they are planning a direct crusade against Palmyre.

Does Nintendo have sufficient arguments to legally fight against Pocket Pair, the creators Parlworld? According to Don McGowan, former chief legal officer of The Pokémon Company, Palmyre This plagiarism. In fact, he seems surprised that it went so far out of line.

“This looks like the typical mindless plagiarism that I saw a thousand times a year when I was Pokémon’s director of legal affairs. I’m surprised he got this far.”

Of course, Pocket Pair is not silent. Manager Takuro Mizobe came to his defense Parlworld and demanded to stop attacks on the company’s artists. And in recent days, some of them have become victims of persecution for being inspired by beings from Pokemon.

Source: Hiper Textual

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