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Get to know all the productivity apps that will improve your business projects.

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loose It is one of the best productivity apps to improve communication with your colleagues, share projects, send notes and make important announcements. But unfortunately the app increase the prices of their subscriptionstherefore it is an ideal opportunity to look for lower cost alternatives.

Starting September 1, 2022, Slack will increase the cost of a monthly Pro subscription from €6.25 to €7, and Business+ subscriptions from €11.75 to €12.50. If you don’t want to pay for this subscription plan, alternatives for free or at a lower cost.

If we have seen a number of alternatives for iCloud cloud storage recently, this time we will focus on Slack alternatives with a collection. productivity apps Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Slack is one of the leading apps in the industry

In terms of productivity and communication, Slack is one of the best apps for working in the digital world. It provides excellent services for sharing information and relevant data about business projects. It is an excellent communication tool.

There are all: group chats, mentions, private notifications, do not disturb mode, calls, sending documents, file storage and a large number of useful functions in the working environment.

It also has integrations with services like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Zendesk, and more.

On the other hand, if a user doesn’t want to pay for a Slack subscription plan, they can opt for an option. Free with certain limitations. You will still have access to 90 days of message history and file storage.

Best alternatives to Slack

Microsoft Teams

Without a doubt, Microsoft’s Teams app one of the most important productivity applications in the industry and an excellent recommendation for any study group.

There are chat groups and individual conversations. It is a great communication tool with great features and a wide range of features for messages like GIFs, stickers, custom emojis, stickers, compliments, endorsements and loops.

Additionally, with Microsoft Teams, users can: share files, schedule tasks, and make calls and video conferences. It’s a very useful productivity app but more importantly, it’s very easy to use and very intuitive.

In addition to the regular subscription plans through a Microsoft 365 subscription, you have a free plan with limits on video conferencing (30 hours) and 5GB cloud storage.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Another of the great alternatives to Slack. Zoom has gained great popularity during the quarantine period as it is a very efficient video calling application. It is the perfect tool for business meetings and online classes.

However, in addition to HD video calling services, Zoom also collaboration tools Ideal for your business meetings. It allows users to present projects in real time, annotate with signs and marks, share files and post images.

It has very interesting features like the option to transfer phone calls to video calls or audio recording of calls.

Alongside the usual subscription plans, Zoom also a free service with storage and video calling limitations.


Discord is not just a platform for deciding when to attack Baron Nashor in League of Legends. goes far beyond play a game and that Discord can be a very useful tool for the workplace.

This alternative to the Slack app the possibility to invite employees and colleagues to collaborate on collaborative projects. Like other apps on this list, chat groups, individual chats, audio and video calls.

However, it also has special functions that turn out to be very useful in the work environment; Capture and share screen content. You can also share files and send images. There are all.

The platform is completely free, but a user can choose to pay a cost of 4.99 euros per month to improve the functionality of the servers, including improvement in sound quality, increase in video resolution or increase in file upload. border, in addition to the typical custom emojis.

On the other hand, subscribers discord nitro They have access to a 100 Mb upload limit, HD video streaming and other additional items. Well, another alternative.

Facebook Workplace

The Meta app is also a very professional alternative to Slack and a great way to share projects with your colleagues. Your beloved bosses will be able to perform Ads in the purest style of the Facebook social network for team members to participate in video calls and connect with their employees like a private LinkedIn.

Despite its user interface design very similar to Facebook, it works completely independent of the social network. They’re giving permission create groups for projects; share tasks, videos, photos and ideas; and make voice calls, video calls and send messages.

It a very efficient service and a very modern way to connect with your company’s employees. Totally recommended. It has a subscription plan of 4 Euros per month, although it a one-month free trial period.


Webex isn’t as popular an alternative as the other apps on this list, but it’s an app that focuses specifically on improving communication between members of a work team.

This is a great alternative streamline the task scheduling process where all employees have the opportunity to contribute via both messaging and video conferencing.

It has functions like whiteboards for sharing files, real-time annotations, calls, chat topics and more. It also real-time translation service available in over 100 languages ​​as an added note.

Other courier services

If you don’t like it, whether for economic reasons or purely functional reasons, Alternatives to Slack We recommend that you always prefer a video calling or messaging application such as WhatsApp, which has recently added many business functions; Messages, Apple’s native messaging app; or Skype, one of the excellent video calling apps.

However, there are thousands of alternatives on the market that will help you. improve workflow and create a great virtual dynamic in your work environment. You just need to decide on the benefits, features and subscription plans that best suit the needs and requirements of your company and your employees or colleagues.

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