According to a report from application intelligence firm (formerly App Annie), users in at least a dozen global markets are now They spend four to five hours a day practicing.

Although consumption varies by country, type of application, there are data from countries that spend more than four hours a day, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey. , United States and United Kingdom.Additionally, in Indonesia, Singapore, and Brazil, mobile users spend more than five hours a day on apps.

While the pandemic has caused averages to rise, consumers have maintained these dynamics, for example users in Australia increased from 3.6 hours to 4.9 hours in the second quarter of 2020 from the second quarter of 2022. Both represent a 40% increase in time spent on apps.

Slower in other markets, including Indonesia (+10%), India (+5%), Japan (+5%), Canada (+20%), Russia (+10%), United States (+5%) growth took place. United Kingdom (+5%), China (+5%) and Germany (+10%).

Others, such as Mexico, did not grow or slow down (both by -5%), as in the case of Turkey and Argentina.

Instagram is the most downloaded application in the world and TikTok, where people spend the most time, but Facebook has the highest number of users. Monthly presences ahead of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, Telegram, Amazon, Twitter, Spotify and Netflix.

In the case of dating, Bumble has grown and Tinder is the third most time-spent by people, Indian e-commerce app Meesho has jumped to number 8 for downloads and has seen a surge in usage thanks to the new season released on Pokémon GO. Before the June 1st Pokémon GO Fest.

Similarly, the multiplayer party elimination game Stumble Guys climbed 23 places; and the hyper-casual game Fill The Fridge, which climbs 84 ranks.

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Source: Exame

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