Gradually more details on what the new will bring tax reform The appointed Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, is working to face higher social spending.

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In a meeting with the different guilds that are part of the Aliadas alliance, some details were known about what it could bring. bill to be submitted next week and that it will try to increase the collection of income tax mainly from real persons with higher incomes.

Among the points that emerged from the meeting with the unions are the following:

1. Wealth tax will return and is expected to be applied to assets greater than 2,000 million pesos.

2. There is no plan to establish a tax. hypothetical income.

3. The idea of ​​increasing the tax on temporary earnings from 10 percent to 20 percent is being discussed.

4. The income tax change for natural persons will be valid for those with a monthly income of more than 10 million pesos, and an amendment will be made for the existing exemptions, in particular an attempt will be made to reduce the current exemption amount. Benefit up to a maximum of 700 UVT in Savings for Construction Incentive accounts (AFC).

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5. free trade zone In order to protect the tax advantage, the minimum export requirement will be determined. However, companies that do not meet this quota must pay more than 35 percent of income.

6. Tax reform will have healthy taxes, especially for trade sectors. sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods.

7. The possibility of placing a ceiling on the size of the VAT deduction on capital investments is analyzed. The analysis includes which sectors will be affected if action is taken.

8. It will seek to strengthen the productive development policy so that companies can improve their competitiveness in the face of further internationalization, and at the same time try to increase the competitiveness of Colombian agriculture so that it can produce inputs that many industries need and are important today. face of famine. in the national market.

Source: Exame

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