Watch the drama of violent deaths in Bogota. On the night of August 18, a Toyota truck with license plate CJE-835 from Chía was found abandoned on 222nd Street and North Highway. Four bodies were found inside the vehicle.three men, one woman, shot in the head and wrapped in garbage bags.

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But investigators from the Prosecutor’s Office say the case will not be about torture by criminal organizations accused by EL TIEMPO since March this year. In these events, 18 subjects would be tortured, burned, bagged, and abandoned Six more bodies were found in different parts of the capital, as well as in Soacha, whose origins could not be identified.

Little is known about this case yet, but investigators from CTI Bogota and Police Sijín have determined that one of the fatal victims of the multiple murder will be Mayor Juan Carlos Useche from the city of Medellín. The police would be devoted Loan business in San Andresito sector in Bogota.

But what caught the attention of the authorities was the report that Useche had a criminal record and was arrested in a prison centre. concert to commit crime

Prosecution sources conducting the investigation into the incident told this newspaper that the other two people in the truck were likely to belong to Useche security personnel.

They also stated that the investigation is accelerating in order to determine whether the woman who was found with a bullet was found. The person hidden in the trunk of the car was either in a romantic relationship with the lender or not.

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According to the report by Sijín, the Toyota truck with the bodies was heading north of the city at around 10 am and at 10:17 am, it was located at No. 58. It appears to have stopped at a pharmacy located at race 137A-30. There, the commercial establishment’s cameras They caught an unidentified woman.He was getting in and out of the minibus after taking medicine.

Then, at 10:20 am, lookout dome 3430 on Carrera 58 overtook the vehicle as it passed at high speed in a northbound orbit.

Ten minutes later, at 10:30, the truck, which was recorded on the cameras of 222nd Street and the Northern Highway, left the city at 10:40 after passing the Los Andes toll booth.

According to the report of the investigating entity, at the time of discovery, at 8:20 am, the bodies had already been dead for about six hoursWhat could show that the murder was not committed within the city and that the person responsible for the events committed the gruesome murder somewhere near the capital, entered the same toll booth and the van left on the north highway and 222nd Street.

The first data the investigation uncovered was where the abandoned truck with the bodies came from.

At first, Police investigations revealed that the vehicle was registered to businessman Carlos Mauricio Durán, son of the famous telemarketing queen María Stella Navarro de Durán.He was prosecuted for corruption at Invima in 2018.

But the same investigation revealed that Carlos Durán had been living in Spain for several years and was going to turn the car over to a dealer so it could be sold before he left the country.

Now, the mystery of the case, and the origin of the Toyota truck, is that the trail marks it left at a dealership in Medellín. it was never officially handed over to its new owner, therefore Duran was still listed as the owner.

The authorities, who are currently working to find the real owner of the truck, made an offer. 20 million for those who contributed information to the investigation.


Source: Exame

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