EL TIEMPO exclusively founded President Gustavo Petro has just signed the first eight extradition orders of his government.

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The decision comes at a time when government sets new rules of the game to send drug traffickers and other criminals to the United States.

This newspaper found that Alcevis Enrique Ortiz Luquez was on the list of extraditions approved by Petro; what else Frank Hernan Alvarez Espinel, Jose Luis Pino Leal, Romulo Ramirez RodriguezJhon Sebastián Vallejo Rueda and Luis Alexander Barrera Forero.

The list is complete Andres Felipe Restrepo Sanchez, Alejandro Echeverry Cano and Jamille Mantey and Luis Gonzaga Ramos López.

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top six Claimed by United States courts.

Restrepo was requested by Spain.

In the last two cases, the case of Jamille Mantey and Luis Gonzaga, the Brazilian justice system appears to have withdrawn the claim.

A week ago, President Petro was in ‘total peace’ of drug dealers and other criminals who agree to seek justicedeliver the truth, routes and even partners, they would not be returned.

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However, in case of recidivism or they will be returned if they do not comply with the legal framework being cooked.

Frank Hernán Álvarez Espinal, alias Tarzán, was caught in September 2020 for allegedly being a member of ‘La Oficina’. A court in the United States is demanding that he answer for drug trafficking charges, conduct conducted in Central and North America.

Jose Luis Pino LealKnown as ‘Dumbo’, accused of managing at least two tons of ‘coca’ production lab Monthly in the Catatumbo region, transported by Venezuela and the Urabá region for shipment to Central America. Caught in Cesar, he is considered the right-hand man of John James Pulgarín, nicknamed Servi, the main leader of ‘La Oficina’ in Envigado.

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Romulo Ramirez RodriguezThe Peruvian national was captured in Bogota in April 2021 as part of the ‘Andes’ operation. Accused of being part of a transnational network dedicated to cocaine trafficking from Peru and Bolivia On high-level planes leaving secret runways in northern Bolivia, the final destination of which is the United States. Claimed by a North American Court for crimes of illegal drug trafficking and firearms trafficking.

Luis Alexander Barrera Forero He was asked by the United States to be part of a network dedicated to money laundering from drug trafficking businesses in that country. The criminal strategy he used consisted of: laundering silver through the sale of electronic devices. Among those involved in this criminal gang were Iván Rojas Acosta, nicknamed ‘El Mono’, and a famous businessman from the Coffee Region.

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