The government has already defined the path for gasoline price increases for the last quarter of 2022 as part of measures to reduce the expected deficit in the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (Fepc), whose balance eventually turned red. It will reach 38 billion pesos in 2022, for which the Manager has already paid a total of 6.3 billion pesos.


According to Finance Minister José Antonio Ocampo on Monday, Allowed increase by agreement with President Gustavo Petro 200 pesos per gallon per month from October to December.

Thus, in the case of Bogota, gallon of gasoline would reach 10,000 pesos for the first time, as it would rise from a reference value of 9,523 pesos to 10,123 pesos with the expected increase in the last quarter.

The official said Although the Fiscal Rule Autonomous Committee also demands a rise in diesel or Acpm prices, its value to the public will not increase this year because, among other things, the calculation formula will be changed to take into account biodiesel.

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However, the official emphasized that only this year’s talk when it comes to diesel. “Wait until January for next year,” the official said.


Source: Exame

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