What’s up? It usually makes various tweaks to improve the user experience and has now announced a new tool to bring groups of people together.

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this Communities on WhatsApp are designed for groups close-knit individuals who need more tools to organize and manage their conversations.

An example is parents of a school, as well as local clubs and even small businesses that use WhatsApp as their main communication tool.

new feature will have management tools and auditing controlsIt also lets you share files and start group conversations with up to 32 participants.


– You need to go to WhatsApp first, then go to more option icon > New community.
– You can also tap the New Chat icon and then New Community.
– Another alternative is to go to the communities tab and tap New community.
– Enter the name, description and photo of the community profile.

It is necessary to know that the community name can be up to 24 characters.

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Source: Exame

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