There are multiple companies dedicated to the development of technological devices that are of great importance to the world. It’s not for nothing that companies in this industry, such as Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, and many more, are getting more and more accustomed to technologies that are a part of users’ daily lives and that facilitate and improve their quality of life.

When it comes to companies, there are more and more businesses and organizations oriented towards seeing their technological needs and a market focused on them.

Focusing on optimizing and connecting employees from thousands of companies across multiple industries, Zebra Technologies aims to meet these needs. It is international in nature with 10,000 partners in more than 100 countries and its portfolio includes printers, scanners, software and hardware, mobile computers and tablets.

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When we say work equipment from our point of view, we will be talking about products that will extend their lifespan, productivity features, durability and again productivity-focused applications.“, Zebra Portfolio regional leader EL TIEMPO explained in an interview with Leonardo Junco about the need for these products.

This is precisely why, in his view, companies prefer commercial products: The features of these devices are customized to improve employee performance.

Junco referred to the brand’s new models as an example of these thoughts. This is the case in the ET40/45 table: “This new line of ET4x tablets responds to companies’ need for thinner and lighter devices, but with professional functionality.It will help mobile workers in both services and support and across a wide range of industries improve their productivity and responsiveness in harsh environments with ubiquitous connectivity capabilities and accessories for specific applications.”

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For its part, he described the TC15 mobile computer as a piece of equipment designed to address the challenges of the on-demand economy faced by workers in industries whose work is particularly dependent on work in the field or on the sales floors. It has integrated all-round browser, 5G functionality, advanced 2.2 GHz processor and dedicated apps for business; waterproof, dustproof, drop resistant on concrete and other materials, and functional even when wearing gloves.

Finally, he noted that there are a few industries that could benefit more from these devices than commercial ones: retail trade and the entire supply chain (e-commerce and internet sales), field services (traceability and asset tracking), sales force and utility. services, among others.


Source: Exame

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