Transporting the head of state has always been a difficult security issue. But when that president is the president of the United States, the issue becomes even more important. It is well known that the Secret Service spares no resources when it comes to keeping a leader safe, and the proof of this is “The beast”like the amazing Cadillac One limousine that carries Joe Biden on his local and international tours.

“The Beast”, which is exclusively produced by the American automaker. Cadillacand has an approximate value $1.3 million, this is a unique car in many ways. Mostly in the safety section, since the limousine combines several systems that basically turn it into hopper on wheels. And while it seems like we’re describing a battle tank, they never compromise the comfort of Joe Biden and his companions.

Cadillac One entered service only in 2018.. It retains an elegant yet contemporary style as it inherits some distinctive elements from the North American automaker’s latest design language. On its front, for example, we can see the grille from the Escalade sedan. But don’t let this elegance fool you, because inside is a monster that can withstand almost anything.

Cadillac One circulates in Madrid for the NATO summit.

Let’s go in parts. It is 5.6 meters long and weighs between 7 and 9 tons.. It is obvious that in order to set in motion this huge weight, an engine unusual for ordinary cars is needed. Although the manufacturer and the US government understandably do not share technical data, it is assumed that they are based on V8 diesel engine used by General Motors (owner of Cadillac) in trucks.

Although the Beast boasts all sorts of technological equipment to protect its crew, it has a significant drawback: due to its size, but especially its weight, it cannot perform maneuvering movements. That is, if at some point there is a need for risky Hollywood-style maneuvers, the Cadillac One will not cope. With an engine that currently includes, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 15 secondsquite understandable figure for such a heavy machine.

Safety worthy of a bunker

There are several factors that contribute to the substantial weight gain of the Cadillac One, but none of them compare to armor. “The Beast” has armored structure made of steel, aluminum and ceramics. It is believed that this layer reaches 20 centimeters thickand the windows reduce the size to 12 centimeters.

Thanks to this impeccable protection, the limousine withstands attacks from large caliber projectiles; only windows can stop .44 magnum rounds. At the bottom, on the other hand, is a reinforcing plate designed to protect the car from grenade explosions and other types of explosive devices. The fuel tank is also well protected.

What about tires? Joe Biden has nothing to worry about. Unlike your car tires, Cadillac One tires they don’t use air. Therefore, in the event of shelling, they can continue the offensive. But Cadillac and the Secret Service weren’t limited to building armor against conventional projectiles, as they too withstands chemical attack because the inside can be hermetically sealed. In addition, he has own oxygen supply.

cadillac one
The White House, photo by Adam Schultz

If the attackers had the bright idea to approach the Cadillac One to open its doors, Electric shock 120 volts on handles. It is also said to have a night vision system integrated into it, so the driver and passengers can be attentive to what is happening outside, even in the dark.

While I mentioned earlier that the Beast won’t be able to stand out during a chase because its weight prevents it from doing so, it does have a “trick” that makes it difficult for its attackers to move. This is about oil leakage system cause the following cars to lose control – yes, like bananas in Mario Kart—.

While The Beast’s cover letter makes us think it doesn’t have any incidents, the Secret Service also thought about a possible tragedy. For this reason, the Cadillac One has healthcare team with the necessary utensils for first aid. This includes an emergency oxygen system, a defibrillator, and even President Joe Biden’s blood supply.

Secure but also comfortable and well connected

cadillac one
Getty Images

With so many safety-focused features for the President of the United States, is there room for comfort? Well, yes, and a lot. In this sense, the Cadillac One is not much different from a luxury limousine. It has enough space for a comfortable journey of seven passengers.

Cadillac One is also a communication hub on four wheels.

Another point that the Cadillac One captures beautifully is communication. If necessary, the limousine can communicate directly with any other vehicle that is part of the caravan. The car isolates sound very well.then there will be no problems with maintaining a conversation when there is noise in the street.

You have probably seen in many films that the President of the United States can initiate a nuclear attack with a simple call or push of a button. Well, “The Beast” offers secure communication channels so that the president, relying on known secret codes, start launching nuclear missiles.

Joe Biden wants Cadillac One to be electric

cadillac one

Electrification is the future of global mobility, and the Joe Biden government, unlike the previous president, is promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in the North American country. This vision may also reach Cadillac One in the near future.

Currently specified vehicle consumes approximately 63 liters for every 100 kilometers traveled. And although US citizens pay for gas with their taxes, it’s not good that an environmentally friendly president drives a car with an internal combustion engine that also has exorbitant consumption.

Creating an electric platform for the Cadillac One comes with many challenges.

Exactly because of this reason Joe Biden wants to turn Cadillac One into an electric limousine. “That’s what the president was talking about and that’s his goal,” Jen Psaki, a former White House press secretary, said in 2021. Interestingly, this happened after Biden tested the Ford F-150 Lightning, the new pick up electric brand

A little Rumors suggest that an electric version of the Cadillac One is already in development.. However, it may take several years to see a finished car, as moving the current offering to an electric platform brings with it many challenges.

Source: Hiper Textual

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