Tuesday at 16:42, October 11, security cameras captured the exact moment of the new hitman case that shook the mafia world.

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This time the victim is an old acquaintance. Justice and the United States of America with someone else at the door of a commercial building when a hitman walking on the street fires his gun at himself and his friend.

TIME was investigated and determined that the victim was 54 years old and identified as Javier Fernández Barrero in 2011. Mentioned in the indictment of drug trafficker Daniel ‘el loco’ Barrera.

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Fernandez had already served his sentence. 13 years in prison in a low-security prison in the state of Texas, USA.

He and his brother known as ‘los Gorditos’ were charged In 2011, he was charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute more than five kilos of cocaine for shipment to the United States.

Fernández’s name was not known only in the United States as he was a designated partner of “el loco” Barrera. Forensic sources mention him and his brother as a link to Guatemalan drug trafficker Marllory Dadiana Chacón Rossell, who surrendered to the DEA in 2014..

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This crime joins at least a dozen linked to the former Bogota cartel and drug lords that rocked the nation’s capital.

His lawyer at EL TIEMPO Miami contacted Cuban-American Joaquín Pérez, who confirmed the crime: “He is one of the most honorable and honest Colombian clients and made sacrifices for his family by quitting his job and cooperating with justice.”

Police sources said two foreign national assassins had been apprehended. They were spotted driving in a car at the height of Las Villas Street and 127th Street, and a weapon was also confiscated.

To find out the whereabouts of the murderers, a key plan was put in place. However, only so far TIME reveals who the victim is.

Senior sources of the Metropolitan Police also reported on the incident. Jerson Salinas was injured.

The family hopes an investigation will be conducted to find out who ordered such a brutal murder.me,” Perez added.

As EL TIEMPO reports, in this series of mafia crimes in the country’s capital, former police officer Juan Carlos Useche appears, who turned up in a coup d’etat in the trunk of a truck. Toyota was abandoned on Thursday, August 18th on the 222nd street and North highway, I was running errands for a former head of the ‘Envigado office’.

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Also Luis Caicedo, nickname ‘Don Lucho’. The alleged boss of ‘Loco’ Barrera was murdered in the Pablo VI district of Bogotá on July 16, 2021. Caicedo was a partner of Julio Lozano Pirateque based in Dubai.

In addition, Maximiliano Cañón Castellanos appears on the list, he was killed near the park in 93. He was killed with a gunshot, one of whom was captured; and the attack on a powerful ex-mafia launderer in the underground garage of a luxury apartment in Colina Campestre, north of Bogotá.

The second is Claudio Javier Silva Otálora (48 years old), a former member of the DAS and CTI, who is on Caicedo’s criminal organization list. He was also known as one of the principal potato traders in Corabastos.

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Source: Exame

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