instant messaging app WhatsApp has published the list of mobile phones that will no longer receive support as of October 31.It is left without the meta service and without updates for the app. All this because of the operating system on which certain devices are running.


According to the 2022 digital report prepared by hoot room (a web and mobile platform for managing social networks) and We are Social (a global creative agency), “the app currently has over 2 billion users” represents the huge impact this app has had in the world, as it is useful for both individuals and small businesses to communicate, work and even organize. day by day, so the social network is constantly launching updates and news on its service.

As reported by the company, “Mobile phones running Android version 4.0.1 or older can no longer update the app.. Of course, users with this version of the operating system can continue to use WhatsApp by updating. While some iPhone models are likely to be included in this list, it has not yet been confirmed whether there will be iOS versions to be excluded.

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Thus, the ‘month of terror’ for the digital world would have come with all its might. to recognise List of mobile phone models that will not have WhatsApp service as of October 31st:

Galaxy Ace 2
galaxy core
Galaxy Trend Lite
Galaxy Trend II
Galaxy S3 mini Y
Galaxy Xcover 2
Ascension D2
Rising Matte
Ascension G740

clear 2
optimus f7
Optimus L3II Dual
optimus f5
Optimus L5II
Optimus L5II Dual
Optimus L3II
Optimus L7II Dual
Optimus L7II
Optimum F6
Optimus L4II Double
Optimus F3
Optimus L4II
Optimus L2II
Optimus F3Q

Big S Flex
Grand X Quad v987
big note
V956UMi X2
Dark Night, Five Five
desire 500

Like the others:
Archos 53 Platinum
Cat Cat B15
Sony Xperia M
Lenovo A820
Faea F1 THL W8.

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For Android users, the next steps are:

one) Go to settings’.

two) Press ‘General and Software Update’.

3) The mobile will show you the version number with which you can check if your device is part of the list.

one) Open WhatsApp.

two) Go to the ‘Settings’ section by clicking on the top where you will find three vertical dots.

3) choose option ‘chats’ and click ‘Support’where you can see details such as the size of this backup and the destination it will be taken from.

4) Choose which destination your backup will go to, as the most common option is Google Drive. Check your account details and email address.

Choose whether you want to save images and videos. After completing these steps, wait for your copy to be ready.


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Source: Exame

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