If you are a fan of birds and want to know all about their species, you should check out this list of apps to identify birds via iOS device.

bird watching It is an activity that can be quite relaxing, but they are often observed. colorful birds Y stunning songs especially since there is a wide variety of bird species scattered around the world, each with its own special features.

if it catches your eye observe and record birdsWhether as a leisure activity or for professional reasons, this time you a variety of apps to identify birds via your iPhone. Interested? Let me see you!

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

Do you like birds Enjoy nature and learn about these species thanks to this apps to identify birds.

Apps to identify birds from iPhone: Top 8

  • Birds of Spain
  • ‎Larkwire Learn Birds
  • ‎EyeLoveBirds: Bird Checklists
  • Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab
  • ‎eBird
  • Smart Bird ID
  • BirdNET
  • Audubon Bird Guide

Below you can see a selection of the best apps to identify birds Available for iPhone. With these apps only recognize birds by song and colorbut you will too highly relevant data About all types.

Birds of Spain

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

This is a complete ornithological guide that provides extensive literary information along with illustrations of the various bird species found in the Spanish region.

You can also enjoy sounds that reproduce the song of birds. Dig deep into all the characteristics of birds, such as their size, colour, behaviour, diet and even distribution and conservation status.

Its literary content is replete with audio, video, illustrations, photographs, graphics and maps. There is information about 563 bird species that have crossed or crossed the territory of Spain.

Learn Larkwire Birds

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

If you are interested in learning about all the bird species found in the world, this is the supplementary app mentioned above as it focuses on the species found in the Americas region.

The teaching approach is based on fun games that will teach you to recognize birds by both their voices and the color of their feathers. It’s a great tool for beginners and equally challenging for more experienced birdwatchers.

EyeLoveBirds: Bird Checklists

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

In this application you will find all the information you need about the birds of the world. It serves as a great tool for getting to know birds and learning about all kinds of curiosities.

Among the information you can find: scientific name, common and pseudonym; bird behaviour, location and habitual movements; sounds that include the songs and calls of birds; a description of its plumage and physiognomy, along with advice for identifying birds; data on nesting, feeding, habitat, life expectancy, among other relevant characteristics. There is data on 10,000 bird species.

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

Merlin is one of the best ways for lay birders to learn to identify birds. It is an application that helps you identify a bird with just a few questions, it is as simple as answering the questions given by the application and then a list of birds most similar to the description presented will be reflected.

After choosing the bird you are looking for, you will have detailed and interesting information about it. The app can also help you identify birds through photos taken from your mobile phone.


Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

It functions as a kind of diary where you can easily record the bird species you observe wherever you go. Its functions lie in the entry of observed birds and the app will provide information about it, likewise the tool presents an alarm indicating that rare species has been registered on the list.

It has a map with recommendations on observation sites and has a personalized list for your location and time of year that can reflect the most likely species for your area.

Smart Bird ID

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

With its unique, beautiful and easy-to-use design, this app helps you spot birds on the road. Whether through visual recognition from a photo or recordings that analyze its song, the application performs an analysis and tells you the type of bird.

You can train your ear by listening to the songs of birds according to their species and take notes in your diary by synchronizing with your mobile phone.


Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

The best bird recognizer through records. It has a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that detects corresponding species through recordings of bird songs. It has extensive data collecting information on up to 3,000 species from the North American and European regions.

Audubon Bird Guide

Best apps to identify birds from iPhone

Audubon is a society tasked with conserving and studying birds in North America. This is a completely free guide where enthusiasts and veterans can register their observations, and if you do not know the type you see, you just need to enter the observed characteristics and the application will present you with possible options, taking into account your current location and location. Current date. It also has a comprehensive bird image and sound file for you to learn to recognize birds.

Whatever your bird knowledge level, these are the best bird identification apps for iOS, and also include multi-file guides to learn about each species.

Source: i Padizate

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