Easily learn about reading music through these apps to learn music theory and improve your vocal and listening skills in the process.

Someone in your knowledge should be clear about everything music artistis he solfege mastery. Solfeggio is understood as talent. read notes, scales and other symbols embodied on the staff in order to reproduce it on an instrument.

And quite an effective way learn about solfeggio on your ownIt is through applications that promote this knowledge that are capable of providing unique learning experience under a personalized rhythm. do you want to know what best apps for learning music theory? Join us!

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

Learn about music reading very easily through these apps to learn music theory and improve your vocal and listening skills in the process.

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  • ‎Solfeggio: Learn the notes. Piano
  • EarMaster – Solfeggio and Hearing
  • Theory Lessons
  • ‎Newzik: Your Points
  • ‎Music Theory Illustrated
  • ‎Audio Music Theory
  • Sang
  • ‎Music Rhythm Instructor

We are committed to creating a list of the best and most popular in this field. apps to learn music theory It can be used on any device with an iOS system. Thanks to them you will learn solfeggio theories and easy eye readingalso an improvement listening and vocalization skills.

Solfeggio: learn the notes. Piano

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

‎Learning music and how to read is much easier from a young age, so this app is designed especially for little ones, but can be adapted for beginners of all ages as well.

It is a game that will enable them to understand what you read at first glance by learning the notes in different keys such as high, low, tenor and treble clef. Instruments available include piano, flute, clarinet, guitar and singing.

EarMaster – Solfeggio and Hearing

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

This is a complete music tutor that will allow music students to progress easily, and is a great option for those in the early stages of learning.

It has singing training functions by reading the notes provided by the app and recording your tone through the microphone.

Develop rhythmic skills and learn time intervals, chords, scales and much more. It also includes excellent courses for beginners and lots of personalized exercises.

Theory Lessons

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

An application with a more formal composition that provides its users with training courses on various topics in musical understanding. Its interface maintains animated versions of its platform on musictheory.net.

From the composition, duration and application of notes, chords and scales; The effects of Roman numerals on sheet music, diatonic triads, non-harmonic tones, circular progressions, and much more on musical reading comprehension.

Newzik: Your Notes

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

This is a great tool for musicians, especially composers, as it lets you save sheet music in convenient PDF formats. You can make your score directly from the app, or even scan the pages of the slats you have physically so you can have them at hand wherever you are.

You also have the option to change instruments to create a backing track, you can slow down the tempo to practice with new songs. The app automatically turns pages so you don’t lose the order of the song, and has all the annotation and tuning tools you need to write and read sheet music.

Music Theory Illustrated

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

If you thought a musical calculator was not possible, think again. This is a great tool that allows students with limited musical knowledge to calculate all possible combinations, chords, strings and other possible elements associated with each note, so the student can analyze answers that might arise in theory. .

It is a very simple way to learn with illustrations that automatically reflect possible combinations and enable fast and efficient learning.

Music theory with sound

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

This is a very simple way to learn because the app focuses on teaching its users one topic at a time which makes it easy to understand. Its aim is to be a fun and clean app for learning music theory. Reinforce your knowledge by asking questions about the topic you’ve just studied.

Build your knowledge of music theories and improve your ear and listening skills. You can refer to musical terms at any time and earn points to earn badges as you progress.


Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

The best way to learn is through practice, so this app encourages learning and training for your ear and voice by providing notes that you have to play while singing and which will be recorded by your device’s microphone by comparing their coincidence. It has exercises and games to improve your singing and acoustic skills.

Music Rhythm Instructor

Best apps for learning music theory on iPhone

Your best rhythmic training assistant on your mobile will make it easier for you to understand the rhythms provided by the metronome, as well as make it easy to read the rhythmic patterns and the rhythms reflected in the staff. In the free version, you can practice with a daily limit of 10 minutes, or you can choose a monthly subscription for only 4.99 USD.

Great help provided by these apps to learn music theoryIt is a great complement to music lessons, and it will allow you to stand out among your peers by easily developing the listening skills necessary for a good musician.

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