You cannot buy or sell Apple devices in Colombia since last July 12 because the 43rd court of the Bogota circuit has decided to ban the sale of iPhone and iPad models that handle 5G technology in Colombia.

This is because of several lawsuits that have arisen between Apple and Ericsson regarding the use of patents.


So the country lags behind the previous two generations or less, as it depends on whether the user owns it before the legal order and only the iPhone 11 is allowed to be sold when the rest of the world has access to it. iPhone 14 The California brand launched in September and was expected in stores in Colombia on October 28.
Distributors of the Apple brand are betting on not being affected by these decisions, turning to the company’s accessories that complement the digital ecosystem and hoping that the measure will be lifted as soon as possible.

beside iShop is geared towards completing the value proposition with betting, qualifying theft, total loss and screen shatter insurance programs for iPhone; Extended Warranty Plan and accessories offer for users.

“We have promoted technology hand in hand by providing free training to help the country grow, create jobs, bring the Apple product brand closer to the people and always maximize quality service, personalized advice, guarantees and financing, as well as in our physical stores. We deliver on our promise of quality by delivering the best experience in the use of products and thus in the use of products,” said María Eugenia Vargas, manager of iShop Colombia.

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in the shops The Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and the new Airpods Pro are now available and on sale.

The last store of iShop, which has 29 stores in the country, was opened in Barranquilla and has an online and corporate sales channel.

“During 2022, we experienced an increase in sales of additional devices to the iPhone. We are very strong when it comes to Macbook Air computers, we see the M2 chip doing well. We see the power of watches for the end of the year because they are the devices the customer has been waiting for and waiting for, and a mix of all these will give us good results,” Vargas added.

Regarding the price of the dollar, which could also affect the situation, no increase or impact on the operation was reported.

on the edge Mac Center is already projecting 40,000 million sales this year, they’re relaunching their website and celebrating their rise among Apple distributors. Well, it has moved from being a Premium Reseller to a Premium Partner, an advantage over the competition in Colombia, because only one other distributor in the world has this rank and is based in Spain.

Sebastián Castro, director of e-commerce at Mac Center, pointed out that the power is in the ‘Today’ service that the customer purchases through the page, and if they do this before 2pm, they will receive it during the delivery time. your request in the afternoon. They’ve also added a boost to the financing system with Davivienda and even Addi, which is digital.

The company has 38 sales points in the region -Colombia, Peru and Panama. There are 56 stores and bills between 3,000 and 3,500 million pesos per month.

“We hope to close the year with a total of 40,000 million sales, we have new advantages in stores, online ordering and same day pickup or delivery, financing and technical service. This decision regarding 5G products leaves us with options for other devices like the iPhone 11 that want to conquer the Android-powered public. In addition, the company plans to grow by 30 percent and sell 50,000 million pesos in 2023,” he said.


According to the manager, this adds to the discounts they have for online purchases, as well as the option to have an old computer for sale, thus an additional reduction in overall value.

“We have a warranty and technical support service, which can be another advantage we offer to our customers in the country and the region. In addition, we are ready for the end of the year season both in physical stores and online sales. We expect more than 30 percent growth in the online segment because by 2023 we expect to have good news already and all Apple-branded products will be in our stores.”


Source: Exame

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