Samsung has installed Latin America’s largest Micro LED display, The Wall, at the Parque la Colina Mall. It has 25 panels that are 172 inches, 4,032 meters long. It is 2,268 meters wide and weighs 280 kilograms.

The Korean company’s idea is to offer a broader portfolio of next-generation displays in the country. Micro LEDsIt contains smaller LEDs allowing higher pixel densities for brighter, more detailed color expression.

According to Samsung, The Wall’s potential is to transform the current LED display concept beyond any other display available on the market.

Another of the strengths of the device is technology called Black Seal, which is a deep black background that covers the screen with uniformity It creates a uniform canvas for purer black levels with enhanced depth providing unmatched contrast and fine detail.

It’s also equipped with Ultra Chroma, which makes colors incredibly vivid and allows scenes to be recreated as if they were real life rather than through a screen.

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Source: Exame

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