If there’s one thing the multiple Oscar-winning ‘Lala Land’ movie has taught us, it’s this: There is only one thing that everyone looks for at least once in their life: love.

Neither fame nor money can be compared to the need to find a mate at some point in our existence. And why should I start with this movie? Because under that premise, it’s one of the many things that teaches us that loving can often be painfully difficult or simply useless.

However, this does not mean that there are no new or better opportunities and the Internet can be a good ally to find them. Dating apps are definitely a good option to try to find love and that’s why they have more and more users.

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According to the company Statista, there are already more than one in 2020 270 million registered users on different dating apps, Worldwide. But if you still don’t feel comfortable with some of the most popular platforms, here are some unusual options:

Yes, Acquiring a millionaire couple may be a ‘match’ away. The dating app and website is exclusively for singles who are looking for a financially successful partner.

According to the company, executives are among its outstanding clients. executives, business people, professional athletes, supermodels, lawyers, investors, celebrities and influencers. It has been in operation since 2001 and has more than 5 million users worldwide.

The app is available in the Google app store and as a website at www.millionairematch.com.

But be warned: this is not a site where you can find one’sugar mommy‘,’sweet daddy‘ anyone sugar baby‘, as it is prohibited in its terms and conditions. The idea is to find your soul mate, not someone uninterested. In this case, the user may report the profile and the profile will be suspended.

This is not a site for people with culophobia. For some, when they think of clowns, the face of Pennywise, the spooky and famous character created by Stephen King, automatically appears somewhere in their brains. But for others it may be the opposite.

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“Everybody loves a clown,” says the page.let a clown love youThe site, which at first seems like a joke, eventually turns out to be 100 percent serious.ideal clown couple’, they also give you recommendations and see who has viewed your profile.

This dating app is specially designed for people who: otaku. That’s right, for whom i love anime and manga world. Created by two young Spanish women, this ‘app’ looks promising. With over seven thousand followers 30k on Instagram and TikTok.

One of the things that attracts the most attention is the dynamics of finding friends or mates. Initially, you will need to take a personality test that will connect you to an anime character when registering. This will be shown to other users when they start looking for interesting profiles.

If the like is mutual, the app will display ‘This is a UwU’ (This is a UwU), which will be a cue for two users to start a conversation.

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Currently, the app is under maintenance due to the number of registered users and this has caused many malfunctions. But the creators made sure to try to fix the issues as soon as possible so that they can return to the Play Store and soon to the Apple Store.

They say it can get into a person’s heart through their stomach, and they’ve probably never taken it this seriously before. ‘Sizzl’ is an app available on the Apple and Google Store that lets you find people with exceptional taste in bacon.

That’s right, because of the bacon. Pork strips, often served with scrambled eggs, as an almost typical dish in the United States. The app was launched by the delicatessen company Oscar Mayer in 2015 and aims not only to be part of a strategy to promote the consumption of meat products, but also to truly bring pork lovers together.

Profiles include descriptions of how that person likes pork, one of their favorite dishes, whether they prefer to share. These facts will be crucial for matching and building an online conversation.

This is the application that helps you to be the cupid of your friends. Dynamic is simple, but can be a bit dangerous if it doesn’t get into good hands.

The first thing is to download the app on Android or iOS. Then you should leave everything in the hands of someone other than the person in the profile.

Basically, a friend of the person in question is someone who can create the profile, post a photo, give likes and a short description. Then, just like Tinder, it can start to exclude or accept people who seem right to the ‘always single friend’.

According to the app’s founder, Tina Wilson, the idea stems from the “nudge” people often need when approaching someone. “With the genuine support of those who know him best, we show authenticity that is so rare in online dating,” he told the Mashable website.

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