in the last few hours ex-cop Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal caught carrying 168 packages of cocaine in Cauca He was transferred to Bogota in an armored Toyota belonging to the National Protection Unit (UNP).

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In order to avoid being searched by the Police, the decision was made to ensure that the person claiming to work for the organization in question, He is the same person who met at a reserved meeting with UNP chief Augusto Rodríguez a few weeks ago.

High judicial sources told EL TIEMPO that Rodríguez had informed the Prosecutor’s Office a week ago. The man caught today reached out to the UNP to brief him on the mafia entrenched within the party.

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“Despite posing as a UNP driver at the time of his arrest and even offering to bribe the police, Castañeda is the so-called representative of the artists. And Dr. In a confidential meeting with Augusto Rodríguez, he assured him that the head of one of the UNP unions had illegally hired him a security plan.“, an official source told EL TIEMPO.

EL TIEMPO confirmed that the man arrested today met Rodríguez in a room at UNP for several hours. in the presence of an official of that organization.

After mentioning a few singers he represents, he said he paid them. An armored Toyota assigned to a former member of the FARC and about 7 million pesos for the illegal hiring of two bodyguards.

He also knew that the same illegal service had been offered to a businessman in Los Llanos and another in Risaralda. According to the story he will have to prove, Wilson Devia, leader of one of the UNP unions, would be behind these proposals.

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Castañeda said he was willing to cooperate with the authorities as they tried to kidnap or even kill him.

He stated that he entered the armored car rental business, went bankrupt, and contacted UNP employees with one of his debtors. The source called this newspaper to summon him to Mi Bogotá Mall and try to kill him there.

He added that he also talked about leasing first-class and second-class security systems. Most nurturing, he said, you even give them to ex-employees who shouldn’t have it.

Used last August, Yesid Alexander Torres Rojas, alias Mata Caballos, was discharged from the extinct FARC guerrilla. At that time, a shipment of marijuana was reportedly seized in one of these trucks on a road near Pereira.

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The surprise is that the armored Toyota in which he carried the cocaine was given to Ronald Rodríguez Rozo, the former deputy director of protection of UNP. Also, Castañeda will need to explain why he’s wearing 6 hats and 11 UNP plates.

Augusto Rodríguez, in his account, which he immediately brought to the attention of the Attorney General’s Office, mentioned that UNP trucks were also used for transportation. cash during the campaign season because no one stopped them from confiscating them.

And although he stated that he was the victim of extortion and kidnapping by men nicknamed ‘Jhon 40’, He made no mention of shipping cocaine, as shown this weekend.

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He gave several recordings of his speeches to prove that he wasn’t lying. With Devia of her work on schemes and other topics.

A judge from Paez (Cauca) legalized the capture of the fake UNP driver, and his defense appealed against the confiscation measure. The trial will continue on Monday, but Castañeda is in Bogotá and is under guard.

In addition to this lawsuit, Augusto Rodríguez reported other irregularities he found in the party, including renting a minibus to UNP. With fake shields, a problem that EL TIEMPO has already denounced.

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The UNP has not officially decided on the Castañeda case, but has requested that his life be protected. And he warned that the van with which he was traveling with cocaine was commissioned. Ronald Rodríguez Rozo, the organization’s former deputy director of conservation, did not comment.

In response to Castañeda’s accusations, trade unionist Wilson Devia responded: “We ask @FiscaliaCol to report the alleged process that UNP says it has filed to give us notice and take immediate action.”

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