A serious incident occurred at a public school in Bogotá. A student at the Álvaro Gómez Hurtado school in the town of Suba was killed while distributing notes.

The 17-year-old boy, named Yolman Rolando Cruz, was waiting for his family to arrive to receive his academic results when he was attacked by a Venezuelan immigrant. stabbed him with a deadly knife in the middle of an act of intolerance.

Her parents, who managed to take a few steps before collapsing, had to help her and take her to the hospital in the middle of a dramatic scene in the face of their son’s cries for help, where they tried to save her life, but there was nothing they could do.. The young man was already dead at the school gate. Relatives of the young man said, “My son did not like to leave the house, he liked to listen to music at home. He was very healthy and calm.”

Venezuelan migrant stays in an Emergency Response Unit (URI). According to the Bogota Metropolitan Police, the killer is an 18-year-old boy who was in possession of the dagger with which he attacked.

There is great confusion among students, parents and teachers who cannot explain how a student was killed in the middle of the school gate. Yolman’s family wants justice and the killer to bear the full weight of the law.

District Minister of Education He rejected violence and urged students and the entire educational community to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner.

Regarding the special situation of the Suba school, according to the information provided by the authorities The fight ended when one of the youths was stabbed to death.

The fight, in which the student was injured, caused a fire.The death occurred on public roads, not on school premises. The Álvaro Gómez school in the town of Suba is prioritized by the Safe Protective Environments (ECO) program, so the Police acted immediately and caught the assailant.

Given the articulation and priority carried out with the Ministry of Health, the ambulance was quickly ready for transfer to a clinic, but the student arrived without vital signs.

The School Orientation Comprehensive Response team (RIO-P) has been accompanying the family and school since last night. The party denied the blame and hopes that the authorities of the case will develop relevant actions against this incident. We cannot allow conflicts to be resolved by violence. As a society we must help protect our boys and girls, and from the Ministry of Education we accompany rectors to ensure that our educational institutions are places of peace and reconciliation,” said Education Minister Edna Bonilla.

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Source: Exame

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