A new television series is coming to compete in the Colombian market: This is LG’s OLED series. These devices bring one of the technologies used in high-end devices in recent years, promising better image quality.

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As reported during the presentation in the country, these televisions have been adapted to meet the needs of a variety of audiences, such as actors, ordinary people and the film industry.

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The big innovation is the OLED self-emitting pixel system, which is characterized by having independent illumination on each diode. This allows pixels to turn on and off depending on the output image, resulting in deeper blacks, more realistic colors and improved contrast.

In Colombia, the A, C and G series will be available in sizes from 48 to 83 inches. Prices will be defined according to the following variables: from 4,999,000 Pesos to 54,999,000 Pesos. Depending on where purchased, value discounts may apply.

One of the points that the experts underline is that these devices have Dolby Vision IQ, a technology that uses light sensors integrated into each television to improve the image according to the content and environment.

It should be noted that each TV is equipped with the α9 Gen4 8K processor, which allows the scale to be increased from 4K to 8K. As for sound, it handles Dolby Atmos, which is a bet for having surround sound with a certain depth and intensity.

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Several modes can be chosen to suit each person’s taste. For sports fans, there is a ‘notice’ to keep track of results with updates, as well as to receive notifications about results, matches and teams. It also has a ‘filmmaker’ mode that preserves the original aspect ratios, colors and frame rates and makes the image from audiovisual productions look very close to the original.

Another innovation during the presentation was the announcement of a new alliance between LG and the WWF organization. These new televisions, as reported, have a reduction in electronic components and are 35 percent lighter, which will reduce their carbon footprint in the medium term. In addition, for each television purchased in the country, the multinational will make an economic contribution to the preservation of Colombian ecosystems.


Source: Exame

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