It was learned yesterday morning that DJ Valentina Trespalacios, who just turned 21, was killed over the weekend. The body of the young artist was found in one of the garbage containers in the Los Cambulos district.In the town of Fontibón, he was in a travel suitcase and had signs of mechanical suffocation as outlined in his preliminary report. Metropolitan Police Bogota.


According to his relatives, Trespalacios left his home on Friday night to see who his girlfriend of 10 months would be and became the person he met through an interview. dating app

This is a 32-year-old man of American nationality known as John Poulos and resident of the state of Texasis dedicated to his work. cryptocurrencies and constantly travels from the United States to Colombia and other countries in the region to do business with this type of currency.

According to Carlos Trespalacios, it wasn’t the first time Poulos had come to Colombia to visit his nephew, rather the man would come many times during the relationship year. “It was very special with him and his family.. He would come and they would all go out to eat together, he would bring presents and toys to Valentina’s little brother,” said the uncle.

However, he also pointed out that Poulos had disappeared when the news of Valentina’s death was learned. “He stopped answering the phone. All we ask is that you tell us what happened that night, where you went to the party. We know they left because he told his mother on Friday and also Saturday, but on Sunday they called us from Sijin and said they found the girl’s body,” said Carlos Trespalacios.

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According to his relatives, This trip would be Jhon Poulos’ last trip to Colombia because he had come with the intention of living with Valentina.

Even the last video the young woman sent to her mother hours before she disappeared shows black bags allegedly carrying her personal belongings for relocation. “Say hello to mom, say hello. Look mom, the bags I took home,” is heard in the trailer. video circulating through social networks and accessed by this medium.

But the clues in this case seem not so clear to the authorities. Although the last thing known about Valentina is that she was with her estranged boyfriend, with whom they had been partying for the last two nights before her death, this news source contacted the Bogotá Police, which was conducting the investigation, and stated there that it is not yet possible to establish a relationship with the stranger. heinous crime.

However, although no arrest warrants have been issued for anyone and the plot of the murder has not been determined, authorities are looking for Poulos to testify about what happened.

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While the authorities did not establish the link between Valentina’s death and Poulos’ disappearance, the truth is that EL TIEMPO’s Investigation Unit did. The man must have left the country for another region in Central America the day the young woman’s body was found in a suitcase in one of the city dumps. and that his plane is apparently making a stop in a third country.

As reported by the Unit, they made a request through the authorities. Interpolto other countries in the region to assist in the search for the man so that he can present the relevant investigation in the midst of the investigation into the death of the person. DJ.

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But Valentina’s family and friends, raises all kinds of doubts that the man left the country in the midst of this situation, and moreover, after the media scandal that led to a horrific murder, Poulos completely disappeared from social networks, removing all traces of his whereabouts..

At press time sijin The investigation would not progress, and Valentina Trespalacios’ body was still in the Forensic Institute.

Jonathan Toro Romero

Source: Exame

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