WhatsApp is an application that is constantly renewed with updates that adapt to the new needs of its more than 2 billion users worldwide. Among the most recent are innovations such as “Online”, last connection time and reacting to messages.

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However, some users keep asking for the official option so that third parties cannot understand that they are listening to the voice memos. This is something that has been discussed among the digital community, but the platform has not adapted it to iPhone devices until now.

While this dynamic is still far from appearing in a new updateThere are a few tricks you can do to avoid getting caught. listening to music and here we show you how.

Sending the voice memo to another app can help you listen to voicemails without the blue light appearing, either for privacy reasons or because you don’t want to reply at the moment.

To do this, you will enter WhatsApp, go to the chat in question, and swill select the audio sharing option. There you will decide whether you want to share it in Gmail, Outlook or another platform.

Finally, open the app of your choice and play the audio.

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With the new WhatsApp update you now have the option to send messages to your own mobile phone. Pretty good for this type of theme. Handy if you don’t want them to know that you’ve already listened to the voice memos. To do this, you have to call your number within the ‘app’ and then record a conversation, that might be a point.

Finally, go to the chat you want to listen to and select the audio to send to your personal conversation. That way, no one will know you’re ignoring someone.

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Source: Exame

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