Crime tips DJ Valentina Trespalacios they’re on the ropes john poulos, which women who knew him on webcam sites called ‘the master of magic’. The American is the main suspect in the murder of the young woman and although she tried to flee to Europe, This Wednesday, February 1, a judge will decide whether he should be sent to jail.

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One of the witnesses in the case was Ennis, the waitress at the luxury Kappadocia residential complex in the north of Bogotá, and was the first to enter flat 802. Valentina TrespalaciosThe 21-year-old was strangled to death on January 22.

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And now, DJ Silvana Núñez He would play another key role in solving the case and revealing the details of her friend Valentina’s relationship with the now notorious female murderer, John Poulos.

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Núñez knew Valentina for her musical tastes and electronic parties. where they share their profession. To the point where she became his confidant in his love story with the American.

Precisely, the young woman is one of the prosecution’s witnesses. Silvana told the investigating authority that Valentina and Poulos met via internet apps and started sending him money.

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She said she met John on the Internet a year ago. The man sent her money every week through a company. According to the news in Semana magazine, Silvana said, “I saw their relationship very well, it’s very normal.”

Silvana also confirmed in her story that Valentina was having an affair with another man she was “very much in love with”.

To be precise, this man named Santiago Luna would be a cryptocurrency and marijuana investor, assuring him he was “shocked” to learn of Valentina’s death as he exchanged messages with the young woman the day before her death. This testimony is also very important for the prosecution.

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In fact, authorities are investigating whether Valentina’s relationship with Santiago was a trigger for Poulos to kill his Colombian girlfriend. Silvana, for example, knew the discomfort from a trip to Aruba, behind her back and asking her to deposit money for her.

Barriers to the hearings against Poulos are expected to end this Wednesday and it is expected to be determined whether he went to prison as the main suspect in the crime.


Source: Exame

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