Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced a new app: Artifact. The platform promises to be a personalized news feed that uses Machine Learning to organize new content. according to user tastes.

In short, the app will be a “text TikTok” or mobile version of Google Reader. By creating competition with Twitter, it will also be possible to create sharing and discussions with friends about the articles selected by the AI.

Image from artifact feed.

According to the creators, Artifact has the offer to deliver “high quality news and information”.. While using the app, the reader will have a feed with articles selected by AI from major portals. New York Times And Fox Newseven smaller niche blogs.

The platform will start showing similar materials in the future when the user taps on some content that interests them.. Something similar to TikTok’s “For You” tab, whose algorithm adjusts over time and the content viewed by the user.

According to the makers, Artifact will be based on two main pillars. One of them would be a stream of articles shared by people the user follows, which always brings short comments on the post.

The second column will be direct messages that allow readers to talk privately about the articles. However, these two interactions are expected to be added to the application in the future.

Kevin Systrom (right) and Mike Krieger.

back to the 2000s

While major social networks focus on short TikTok-inspired videos, Artifact seems to oppose this trend.. While it may seem like a text-driven social network from the late 2000s, its founders believe in the platform’s potential.

Systrom and Krieger point out that the goal is to put the lessons learned in the decade into practice along with the latest advances in AI. Like this, The duo thinks the power of Machine Learning will help the app reach a wider audience.

“Over the years, every time we used machine learning to improve the customer experience, I’ve seen things get perfected quickly,” Systrom said. Border.

Currently, Artifact is opening a waiting list for those interested in its official website. According to the creators, the app for Android and iOS will be generally available soon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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