Google, the most used search engine by internet users worldwide, has an area focused on technologically innovative and advanced technology projects: ‘Area 120’.

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Projects such as Google News and Google Cardboard were created in this digital lab and Work is currently underway to incorporate ideas within the company to compete against social networks.

Over the past year, Google laid off more than 6 percent of its employees worldwide, so some plans and projects responsible for its former employees were canceled by the company.


However, since vertical social networks such as TikTok and Instagram are popular with younger audiences, Google approves some ideas aimed at saving user trafficas reported by technology and business portal ‘Tech Crunch’.

That’s why he quietly bought the ‘Liist’ app last year, where a person can save and search for places that catch their eye while viewing on other platforms; Applicable to hotels, restaurants, attractions, bars and more.

In our research, nearly 40 percent of teens go to TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place to eat lunch, not Google Maps or a search engine.“, Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president of Google, explained in an interview with the aforementioned portal.

Actually, Developed as ‘Liist’ applications It focused more or less on generation Z—young people born in the first decade of the 2000s.

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It was Google SEO consultant Glenn Gabe who informed about this new tool, which aims to compete with vertical social networks in searching for places to hang out with friends, via his Twitter account.

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Source: Exame

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