c buyToyota Fortuner gray pickup truck worth 224 million pesos by the end of 2022, This is one of the data that accelerated the trend last December. Martha Sáenz Correa, former governor of Córdoba, from her position as director of that department’s Family Compensation Fund: Comfacor.

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Despite demanding 700 million pesos as compensation for Sáenz’s dismissal, All he got was his name being mentioned in complaints filed with the prosecutor’s office and the attorney general’s office. for alleged irregularities in the management of millionaire funds from that compensation fund.

In addition to Toyota, EL TIEMPO also researched and identified: Payments for around 11,000 million pesos appear under the management of surpluses and consultancies. And another 12,000 million pesos in the expansion of a park with low construction progress.

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However, this is not the only box whose expenses have been examined. In the coming weeks, the Family Assistance Inspector, headed by Luis Guillermo Pérez, will request an investigation into the accounts of three others located in Barrancabermeja, La Guajira and Huila. all with intervention measures. Meanwhile, Pérez pointed out that these formations are not political groups.

MoreoverMost of the audited funds come from Colombians’ monthly contributions of 4 percent. It is estimated that 43 compensation funds receive more than 10 billion pesos per year in this way.

Liberal party affiliate Sáenz began his rule in 2021. That year the compensation fund declared a financial imbalance. and recorded liabilities for 350,000 million pesos.

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Despite the financial situation, The savings bank has signed a contract worth 10,033 million pesos to manage these leftovers. as a product of the liquidation of the health program.

The contract was signed on 6 August 2021, With Question Solution Solution Consultants & Legal SAS, Represented by Juan Gabriel Espitia Medina.

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Fulfilling the purpose of the contract, administrative management, judicial defense and portfolio management of the institution for three years.

Almost the firm subcontracted two companies to execute most of the contract: Documenta, Logística-Documental SAS. (for 2.682 million pesos) and De la Espriella Lawyers Entreprise SA (for 3.725 million pesos).

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what calls It should be noted that the contract with Q&A Solutions Consultants and Legal SAS represents almost three times the total cost of liquidation of the healthcare program. This compensation fund worth 3.084 million pesos.

Comfacor justifies the need for contracted services claiming that the remaining activities resulted from the liquidation of EPS must be undertaken by the compensation fund.

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AND Sáenz told EL TIEMPO that his departure was due to political pressure and that he would defend himself before the control institutions. Moreover, he was not notified of any investigation.

But, Criminal and disciplinary complaints have been filed by Supersubsidio since the end of 2022 and in the coming days, those from other boxes come under a magnifying glass.

If de Córdoba is also audited, 5,026 million pesos delivered ahead of a 12,565 million pesos contract for the remodeling and expansion of the box park: Tucasan is in Monteria. This contract was awarded to the Construparque Tacasán consortium in October 2022.

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When A Supersubsidio team visited the field work last December, and they got only 1 percent of the work progress..

TIME learned this Thursday that the Prosecutor’s Office was at Comfacor offices to review the documents..

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And in In the next few days, researchers will hop over to Barrancabermeja to review the costs of the Cafaba compensation fund..

There is a control He noted that out of about 1,000 million pesos invested in CDT, there were 480 million pesos.not listed.

SEARCHED TIME Jenny Judith Moreno Téllez, outgoing director of Cafaba, seemed to be asking about the money, but when she started asking the subject, the call was abruptly shut down. and the phone is blocked.

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This newspaper also contacted his colleague from La Guajira. Luis Eduardo Medina Romero for asking him about alleged irregularities during his rule in Comfaguajira.

on a mission The financial situation of the fund’s health program was determined to be 30.020 million assets and 56,067 million pesos liabilities until August 2022. This box confirms the apparently fraudulent use of a corporate credit card whose actions have not been justified.

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medina romero Pointing out that the movements of that card occur within the normal turns of the ballot boxes and that its management is transparent, Özer said, “The card has never been authorized for personal expenses.. It is understood that the sub-directory of social services makes credit card transactions in goods and services transactions for the operation of centers that provide timely service to affiliates and customers.

And it has already provided “Support was provided for every purchase made with that card, and an internal audit confirmed that all purchases were made for the box’s own services.” According to him, the issue was clarified and documented by the Fund’s Social Services Sub-Directorate to the new management.

in Comfahuila – another of the boxes in the crisis response – investigating how indebtedness has reached an almost unmanageable level: it fell from 87 percent in March 2021To 96 percent by March 2022.

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However, there are expenses such as Purchase of Toyota Prado minivan, model 2021, in metallic silver, purchased for 250 million pesos.

TIME contacted Luis Miguel Losada Polanco, former director of Comfamiliar Huila, who has held various positions, including acting mayor of Neiva. He stated that he did not agree from the beginning when he left the compensation fund last July to improve his work since 2016.

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He made a statement about the purchase of the vehicle. It was given to replace the problematic 2015 model armored white Prado..

“That truck sold above market value. It had Type 4 armor and was becoming more expensive to maintain. Decided to purchase a newer, unprotected model. But this change was not made because of luxury or convenience,” he said.

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Now, Complaints filed by Supersubsidio against Comfacor are progressing in control organisms. Complaints will be made about the other three boxes in the coming days.

TIME was established Supersubsidio sent inquiries to the Attorney General’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office, respectively, on 30 December and 2 January to investigate possible irregularities in the Córdoba Compensation Fund.. It will do the same with other boxes in the next few days.

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for today He contacted Family Assistance Superintendent Luis Guillermo Pérez and warned that these assets do not belong to the rulers. nor to any party or political party, but to the workers and their families.

“Those boxes intervened, serious problems were experienced in the management. That’s why I changed some directors when I came.. “Pérez decided by the Inspectorate that all savings banks should be governed by the principles of austerity and ethics.”

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And regarding Comfacor, he stated:He met a director (Marta Sáenz) appointed by the previous inspector, who expressed his commitment to austerity.

“Then we met with some contracts too burdensome for the box, which shows that the austerity he speaks of does not correspond to reality”, He explained Pérez, located in Córdoba.

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He also stated:a Supersubsidio is focused on empowering savings banks to contribute to the growth of the regional economy of their divisions.

“We are trying to resolve the boxes being returned to their department as soon as possible, This means fostering a participatory recovery process, which is why I speak to businessmen, trade unionists and cashier workers.“, aforementioned.

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