David Zamudio, 54, used to go to the gym.. Physical activity and staying fit were part of his hobbies. Whenever he left home alone, he let his family know where he was going and how long it would take, so on Monday, February 13, he told them he would attend a class at 7:00 pm at the trusted physical center in Istanbul. Ciudad de Mexico.

He was supposed to be back soon but it was midnight and he didn’t come. “We last spoke to him at 5 pm. The gym closes at 23:00. We didn’t know anything about him all this time, frankly we started to worry, we called him on his phone,” said his daughter Pamela Zamudio to the local ‘Excélsior’.

His family tried to call him at the gym because they saw his truck parked.. But the workers prevented them from entering; They made sure no one was inside.

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“Until the other day, we were able to be there when they opened to see the cameras. We arrived around 6am to ask for access. They said we had to pay. “We wanted to find out if my father was in or where to look,” he added.

The gym didn’t want to take money and didn’t let them in either. They just checked the closet where he kept his clothes and noticed that he was busy. The young woman immediately contacted one of her best friends: “As a man, I told her to look for her in the bathroom, and she did.”Zamudio, without vital signs, was lying on the floor. Cleaning staff said they found it before they even opened the doors.

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Now the family has a few questions for the Sport City brand gym. They don’t explain what happened to him on the way to class, why he collapsed in the bathroom, why no one saw him, and why the workers hesitated to help them when they asked for information. They also want footage from security cameras to be shown to them to reconstruct their final steps.

“We want to know if he had a heart attack in class, if they know what to do, or how long he’s been in the bathroom,” he explained to Excelsior.

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While the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office took over the case and made the first investigations, the gym chain announced that the headquarters where the death occurred would be temporarily closed. Sport City will directly provide the necessary information, thanking the authorities for their understanding on this matter.

Autopsy results are awaited to reveal the Mexican’s cause of death.

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Source: Exame

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