Former Ukrainian beauty queen Anna Zaiachkivska left her Milan home on July 1, 2016, under the pretext of getting air. What no one, not even her husband at the time, had thought of was that the young woman would never come back.

What would have been a few minutes outside turned into long and painful days. It didn’t take long for the Italian businessman Gianluca Cervara, whom Anna married in 2015, to start searching: according to the Italian newspaper, she reported her disappearance, went to talk to her friends and even went to her partner’s homeland, Ukraine. “Republic”.

According to the above-mentioned Italian media, the woman was to take with her personal documents, a phone and a large amount of 6,000 euros in cash, which were in a drawer in her bedroom to meet the family’s needs.

Anna Zaiachkivska’s disappearance lasted a few days until she was scrolling through her Instagram. Cervara came across a profile of Anna in the United States where she was seen not only live but also having fun in New York. She apparently had a partner and a stable job as a model.

According to the New York Post, when the billionaire learned of his wife’s whereabouts, he sarcastically tweeted on social media, “Your husband and family in Milan thank you for being with another man in New York.”


Seeing the surprising result of her investigation, Cervara decided to take action on the matter: she sued him for violating the prenuptial agreement they had, and additionally accused him of taking some of his belongings from the property they shared in Milan, which they had decided. settle down after marriage.

The turmoil caused by her supposed disappearance was no stranger to Anna, who appeared publicly to explain what was behind her escape.

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The former beauty queen said in an interview with Ukrainian ‘Tochka-U’: “I escaped from hell. That man is a violent man who hit me many times. The first opportunity was in Ukraine. I had to go to my parents’ house in Ivano-Frankivsk (a small town) for shelter. I didn’t tell them what happened to me and when he came looking for me I decided to give him another chance. We got married and I thought a new life had begun.”

Anna Zaiachkivska, Miss Ukraine 2013, and Gianluca Cervara, a billionaire businessman, met for a friend’s birthday dinner in the summer of 2015. held the official ceremony at an Italian registry office and at the church for the month of September.

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Tired of “living in a gilded cage”, Anna decided to flee to New York. As Anna told the New York Post, she “knew where she was” and made sure she left a letter to her husband. She later called to say she was on US soil. “He’s trying to smear my name for leaving him,” she added.

Anna currently lives in New York and has built a successful career as a model. In September 2016, he sent a message to all women:
“I want all women to know that they can leave a bad husband: all women deserve to be happy.”

Her boyfriend was unfaithful and got his name tattooed as revenge.

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