International cafe chain that came to Colombia in 2014, has been a pioneer in the product customization market as it allows its consumers to tailor quantities and ingredients, as well as receive compliments or messages about its products.

Known for having an extensive menu of hot and cold beverages, Starbucks It has also taken a place in the minds of the buyers by creating the most suitable drinks for their taste.

Sara Trilling, president of Starbucks North America, told Insider: In the fourth quarter, statistics showed that adding different sauces made a billion dollars a year profit. He also pointed out that 60 percent of the drinks were purchased with privatizations..

To continue the expected results, the company a machine that will facilitate the work of workers and eliminate the need to memorize recipes. They are also automatically cleaned and are dispensers of the most requested additions by customers. Thus, they are trying to streamline the beverage distribution process and reduce the number of mistakes that can be made.

The exact date of launch of this new creation has not yet been determined, and it is not known whether it is a prototype that demonstrates the expected benefits. For now, the cafeteria provides online ordering service, where people can make unlimited changes from their mobile phones.

It’s the same benefit that makes it harder for company employees to do their jobs, because customers often make expensive customizations that take a few minutes to get ready. What sometimes results in the abuse of coffee buyers.

Source: Exame

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