Digitization of the economya continues to dominate in Colombia and digital wallets are proof of that.

One of the best known alternatives in the country daviplatea wallet that It has 15.8 million customers, According to the latest report provided by Davivienda. It also has 25 percent coverage in rural areas and 90,399 disbursements are reported in terms of the number of loans granted from November 2021 to February 13, 2023.

However, there are several types of thefts that are becoming more and more viral, so the company has sent out a series of thefts. Advice for customers not to be scammed.

1. Criminals seek to access unknown links by sending emails and text messages on behalf of DaviPlata to learn so-called alerts for number change, blocking, delivery of product offers and subsidies.

The company asks its customers not to open these links for any reason, as it could allow criminals to access their phone data.

2. Note that all DaviPlata service channels are verified and our emails end at @davivienda.com. If you receive any message and whoever is posting doesn’t have these features, ignore it and avoid scam.

Source: Exame

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