TikTok It is a social network with around one billion active users worldwide, according to data published by ‘ByteDance’ in January 2023.

The app has been under the scrutiny of countries, companies and organizations around the world. European Commission banning its employees from installing the app on their mobile phones To avoid cyber attack situations.

Another reason for this confusion is the amount of data the app collects when installed, because although TikTok mentions privacy policies, it is not enough for countries like this. USA trying to ban its installation.

In defense, TikTok pronounced by announcing that he managed to obtain this data through providers responsible for understanding the operation of the application.

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By environment Spanishworks through this app collection of data manually provided by the user such as profile information, direct messages, contacts, credit card purchase information, promotions, surveys and surveys, and contact information.

That’s not all, because at the same time where the user is located, only if he decides to enable its use, as the application begins to generate metadata showing possible sites that the person may be interested in.

On the other hand, this social network model of the mobile phone, data automatically generated through the operating system, “keypress patterns or rhythms, IP address and language”environment, among many other factors. Spanish.

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It also collects information such as approximate location information and inferiority information. usage information such as gender and age, when the person interacted with the appcall history and display time.

According to the above, it is possible to know dozens of forms. TikTok To access absolutely all its users, information that in most cases cannot be controlled by humans, because it is automatically obtained without prior consent.

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