Have you ever wanted to check the Instagram stories of a friend or ex without them noticing? Stories are photos or videos that are only posted for 24 hours. This content has gained popularity among its users, who often share different moments of their lives in ‘stories’. If you want to see these posts without being seen, you can use a few options that we will explain below.

One of the easiest and most used methods is to use airplane mode. In order for the other person not to notice that you are viewing their stories, you must first open the application and allow all the Stories on the top bar of the home screen to load.

After you make sure that all the content is loaded and the person you want to see is also loaded, you need to activate the airplane mode of your mobile phone and block internet access, so the application does not generate notifications.

Another option is to create an alternate profile account with no name on it so you can view stories without notification.
You should remember that you have to follow that person or have a public profile in order to see their InstaStories.


In recent years, different apps and web pages have been created that help people view stories anonymously. It’s important to note that these apps and websites are often blocked from time to time. Because they don’t respect Instagram’s usage policy.



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