The popularity of the Chinese social network TikTok did not surprise anyone. He spends hours and hours on the app, from the smallest to the largest.

Although its use in moderation does not pose any risk, Many parents worry about the time their children spend in front of their cell phone screen..

Therefore, the brand has introduced a new restriction for under 18s. This is to check the time they spend scrolling through the social network.


When the minor spends an hour in the app, a warning message will appear stating that the account has been blocked.

A parent-programmable code must be entered to continue using it. or by a responsible adult.

The 60-minute time limit is due to an investigation by TikTok.

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The measure is new, but This is not the only practice implemented by the company to protect minors..

For example, accounts of adolescents aged 13-15 are private, direct messages can only be accessed from the age of 16, and live broadcasts cannot be made until they reach the age of majority.

– Welcome to the revolution of digital nomads.

– Tiktok used to tighten parental control to avoid explicit content.

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Source: Exame

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