A The Russian researcher who helped develop the Sputnik V vaccine was killed yesterday in his Moscow apartment. By a young man who had already been detained, Russian media reported today.

According to police sources quoted by the official TASS agency, the victim is Andrei Bótikov, researcher at the Gamaleya National Center and developer of the Sputik V vaccine against covid-19.

Botikov became one of the authors of the vaccine patent and received the award from Russian President Vladimir Putin.for his work, according to the agency RIA Nóvosti.

For the city of Moscow, the department of the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case for murder.

According to investigators, on March 2, a 29-year-old man escaped from an apartment in northwest Moscow, strangling the owner of the apartment, Bottikov, with a belt during an argument.

However, the alleged perpetrator of the murder was arrested a short time later.

During interrogation, he pleaded guilty and was formally charged.

According to TASS, the defendant has a criminal record as he is on trial for a serious crime.

Source: Exame

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