If you’re looking for an SLR camera (with a mirror that reflects outside light back into the viewfinder), there are hundreds of options. But before you spend your money on the latest model, find out which of the cameras currently on the market fit what you want to achieve in photography.

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If you are looking for something comfortable, small, lightweight but with excellent resolution, you can consider these testimonials.


Have 18 megapixel resolution, maximum ISO 6400, built-in flash and Wi-Fi connection to instantly transfer photos to your mobile.

It’s intuitive and has the ability to record in slow motion, but night photos won’t be its strength.

dir-dir cheapest of this brand and about 510 USD.

have more 23 megapixels and 39 focus points.It can shoot almost 1,000 times before the battery runs out. Its ISO can go up to 25,600, which helps you capture better images in dark environments.

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It has a few buttons, although this makes it less practical as the aperture of the diaphragm needs to be changed on the touchscreen.

Its price is approx. 520 dollars.

There are more than 24 megapixelsThe screen is foldable (swivel), ideal for taking selfies or reaching difficult angles.

It has an ISO of up to 25,600, an image stabilizer that acts as a guide to improve focus.

Her Its price is around two million.

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These cameras are more expensive and are classified as “midrange”. Although they help to get very good photos with their originality, they can be more difficult to handle.

It is a solid camera with advanced features. ISO up to 102,400, 24-megapixel resolutionimage stabilizer and one of the fastest shutter speeds (1/6000) in its range, allowing you to freeze great moments of action.

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.Its price is between four and five million pesos.

Especially useful for night photography: its ISO reaches 51,200. It has almost 21 megapixels. It can take eight photos per second and has 51 focus points.

Its screen cannot be folded and its battery lasts about 950 shots.

its price is close five million.

While this camera is a favorite of some bloggers, it may not even be considered for the beginner category. It is a compact camera with (the body does not separate from the lens). 20 megapixel resolution. Has an enhanced ISO this makes images look more true to reality.

Its lens (often called a lens) is 24-200mm and is classified as a telephoto lens; that is, it provides access to details far away from the camera.Its price is between 6 and 7 million pesos.

Source: Exame

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