One employee described the forceful act as a “life hack” when her boss tried to contact her outside of working hours.. The woman shared the “advice” on the TikTok social network, where her video has been watched millions of times.

A Canadian resident, identified as Vanessa, complained online that her boss wouldn’t care if her day was over.

“I’m sick from work today and for some reason he felt the need to text me about my duties,” he said.

He says he has two cell phones: one for business, for which he pays $45 (200,000 Colombian pesos) per month, and one for personal use.

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“He knows he shouldn’t text me on my personal number, but he still does sometimes, so I blocked him today,” he said in the short clip that earned him thousands of comments.

“I blocked him from talking to me when I wasn’t working,” she concluded.

Many countries, such as Canada, have restrictions on communicating with employees who are not on the relevant shift.

In the case of Colombia, the law on the right to leave has been approved since 2021. EL TIME, which, as then-congressman Rodrigo Rojas explained, allows workers to decide “whether they perform a job-related task outside of working hours, without prejudice to the fact that they will be subject to any lawsuit against or by the employer.”

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So, The employee may not receive any retaliation such as “notification, dismissal or excessive workload” for refusing to take care of any aspect of his job. at unexpected times

On that occasion, Rojas said, “This is the key point: to prevent continued violations of the limits of the working day and rest time, as well as the personal development of workers in the country.”

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