Keep your plants healthy, learn interesting facts about each and better organize your plant care tasks with these mobile gardening apps.

Who doesn’t love to have a patio of their home? beautiful and stunning garden full of plants vibrant colors and in order harvest your own fruits and vegetables?

And it is Horticulture It is one of the activities preferred by most people because it has a way. connect with nature.

However, there are very few who have the correct information. keep your garden in top condition, under-maintain, over- or under-water the plants, and even place them in inappropriate places. Wide variety to help enthusiasts garden applicationsthese are the best.

8 unmissable gardening apps on your mobile

  • ‎Planter: Garden Planner
  • Garden Answers Plant Identity
  • GARDENIZE – Garden and Plants
  • ‎Plant Network
  • WaterMe – Garden Reminders
  • garden
  • ‎Garden Planner
  • ‎Gardenia – Crop Editor

We will tell you what is in this area. best gardening practices What you can have on the iPhone where you can get the necessary information to care for your plants and get the perfect space to save and transport your plants garden notes.

Planter: Garden Planner

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

To have your dream garden Knowledgeable in plant carestorage conditions and optimal times for planting.

This app provides you all the information you need. keeping your plants is a healthy state and power harvest delicious fruits and vegetables. In addition to companion and combatant plants, suitable dates for planting or planting.

As if that wasn’t enough, the app shows: square meter landscape grid modelsIt makes gardening much easier for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Garden Answers Plant Identity

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

To maintain a vibrant and healthy garden, it is necessary to know what kind of plants do you have in your garden. You can search more easily by knowing the plant. information on proper care.

You can do it too identify the type of plant just by taking pictures and even taking reliable information directly from horticultural and horticultural experts.

Another feature that characterizes the application is, keyword search This indicates whether the plant you have could infect you with any disease or attract an insect infestation.

GARDENIZE – Garden and Plants

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

works as notebook where you can record everything that happens in your garden. In this way, it will be possible to check all the information corresponding to the following in a more organized way and with better visibility: when did you plantlast harvest time, garden maintenance and more.

It also connects you to a whole. garden community where you can get inspired by other gardens and in turn share your own. Chat, learn and share gardening tips among users.

Plant Network

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

if you want get to know your plants better, you can use this useful application as a tool to identify the type of plant or flower. With Plant Network you will know all world of plant biodiversity on your patio or on the sidewalks of your urbanism with a simple photo.

The main purpose of this application is to collaborate by actively participating in photos of plant species mainly located in urban areas to provide updated information about the development and influence of wild plants. owner first class knowledge offered by botanists and more.

WaterMe – Garden Reminders

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

If you are a busy person or easily distracted, you may be neglecting your plants properly. However, with this application you will no longer have to worry if your plants are wilting.

In this case, it will only be necessary save the plants in your care and the app will give you an alarm so you can perform the action. related care. Only you will get an alarm a day and that’s enough for you your plants are healthy and dazzling.


Best iPhone Gardening Apps

gardener is another best gardening practices and for those they grow and harvest their own fruits and vegetables. This is an application that provides information based on your location data. best dates for bread Depends on what you want to grow.

You can do it too customize visibility to your preferred plants and, least desirably, the calendar would be adapted to show: selected october months and about other interesting things caring for your garden.

garden planner

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

This application provides users orchardsIt is very helpful in providing data on the plants best suited to be grown together and specifies the least recommended. planting a short distance from another plant species, because it will affect others or himself. Also, it has the ability to share apps information about the estimated harvest time in your orchard.

Gardenia – Plant Editor

Best iPhone Gardening Apps

application Gardenia is one best and most popular garden apps From this list, it will also be your best tool to organize everything you need conveniently and with nice visibility. keep your garden in perfect condition.

It will only be necessary save the plants in your homealong with pending tasks for maintenance and then the app will take care of remember these activities along with some helpful suggestions take better care of your plants.

Whatever level of knowledge you offer, now garden of your dreams with these Gardening apps available for iPhone. You will be able to harvest your own fruits and vegetables and add more life and color to your home.

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