As part of the Display Week show, AU Optronics gave tips on some of the products currently in development. Eye-catching is a very fast 24-inch panel with a 480Hz refresh rate. While this version is aimed at gaming monitors, the manufacturer is working on a 16-inch model for laptops.

Unfortunately, detailed features are not discussed. In any case, the manufacturer states that the 24-inch tn display combines 1080p resolution with response times of less than 1 ms. The laptop screen offers the same resolution, but has higher response times (more than 1 ms).

There is no mention of suggested retail prices in the YouTube video, but it seems likely that monitors with such a panel will have a high price tag. It will also be seen how much added value 480 Hz will offer compared to existing 360 Hz models.

Fast panels from 56 seconds are discussed.

Sources: AUO, TFT Central

Source: Hardware Info

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